Cyber Security Experts Yobah Release Whitepaper Facing the Financial Services Cybersecurity Threat Head On

  • Cybersecurity
  • 19.12.2022 12:20 pm

As the threat landscape continues to evolve and become more mature, cyber security has become more important for businesses in every sector but for financial services organisations establishing the right cyber security posture is paramount with businesses in the sector falling victim to cyber security incidents approximately 300 times more than other industries.

This is just one of the statistics uncovered in the latest whitepaper from cyber security and cloud experts Yobah Limited. The report ‘Cyber Security Solutions That Just Add Up’ explores the importance of cyber security for financial services business, the 5 key threats facing the industry and how to create a solid defence.

Bringing together specialist financial services and fintech expertise and cyber security knowledge the paper provides practical guidance for addressing threats including phishing, ransomware and crypto-jacking and the importance of deploying cyber security defences such as zero trust and identity-led security.

For an industry which handles high volumes of sensitive data, financial services are an extremely attractive target for cybercrime and falling victim to an attack could lead to unrecoverable reputational, financial and legal damage.

Speaking on the whitepaper, Yobah CEO and Principle Security Consultant Paul Sanders said:

“It is essential that financial services organisations establish the right protections to defend their businesses from the negative consequences of an attack. In this guide, we highlight the risks but critically we address how to remove them and arm businesses with the knowledge and support they need to tackle financial services targeted cyber threats head-on”

Yobah is a cyber security and cloud specialist delivering comprehensive security solutions specifically designed to defend the financial services industry, seamlessly protecting systems, applications and networks.

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