Chargebacks911 Continues to Grow: The Award-Winning FinTech Company Announces the Opening of Its Newest Offices in Boise, ID

  • Cybersecurity
  • 25.10.2019 07:37 am

Chargebacks911, the award-winning FinTech cybersecurity that manages 200 million online transactions per month and has helped its clients recover $1+ billion in disputed revenue, announced today the opening of its newest corporate offices. Located in Boise, Idaho, this expansion is expected to help Chargebacks911 better-serve its growing client-base, which consists of merchants, e-stores and businesses in 87 countries worldwide.

“Today, the global economy is driven by the online marketplace, and as our dependency of eCommerce continues to grow, so does the necessity for smart, proactive cybersafety and enhanced financial security,” said Monica Eaton-Cardone, the co-founder and COO of Chargebacks911. “Merchants, e-stores and businesses are losing billions annually to fraud and digital-shoplifting, and it’s creating a ‘hidden tax’ on digital purchases. With our newest offices in Boise, Idaho, we’ll have even more resources to protect our clients, eliminate chargebacks, and recover all the revenue they’ve rightfully earned.”

Eaton-Cardone also added that Idaho’s abundant talent-pool of highly-qualified FinTech employees, along with geographic reasons, were key factors in Chargebacks911’s expansion into Boise. “We’re not in Boise by accident,” she said. “This is a beautiful, vibrant region with a storied history, and we’re looking forward to joining the Boise business community and meeting our new friends and neighbours. Boise is a wonderful place to live and work, and we’re so delighted to be here.”

Chargebacks911’s Boise location will focus on client services, research and development, cybersecurity, and FinTech achievements.

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