S&P Launches Crypto Indices - Views of ZebPay

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • 07.05.2021 08:45 am

Vikram Rangal, Chief Operating Officer of ZebPay, on the launch of crypto-linked indices at S&P:

“The launch of S&P's cryptocurrency indices should come as no surprise. India's crypto industry has been saying for years that crypto is another asset class, so it makes perfect sense for S&P Dow Jones to list it as such. S&P is not trying to legitimize Bitcoin and Ethereum or make them respectable. They're acknowledging the fact that many of the world's leading companies already see crypto as a legitimate and respectable asset class that investors should at least watch, if not diversify into. It's high time India's financial community caught up to the US, tapped into the thousands of crores of economic opportunity those indices represent,  and acknowledged publicly what they are already saying in private.”

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