SmartDeFi™ by FEG – Build Your Next Token the SmartDeFi™ Way

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • 08.02.2022 05:30 pm

The FEG project today introduces SmartDeFi™, its revolutionary cryptocurrency launchpad platform.

Crypto technology has grown at an astonishing rate in recent years, particularly over the last year. Adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to rise as organizations across the globe seriously consider incorporating crypto into their business models to foster growth, bring in new investors and expand their offerings with the power of the blockchain. Today, it’s easier, faster, more cost-effective and much more secure for businesses, nonprofit organizations and even governments to launch a cryptocurrency, thanks to a revolutionary new technology.

SmartDeFi™, the Feed Every Gorilla (“FEG”) token project’s flagship technology, will modernize crypto by providing a hyper-secure and seamless platform by which anyone can launch and trade their own cryptocurrency. SmartDeFi resolves many of the security issues, costs and inconveniences associated with launching a new crypto project through traditional means. Prior to SmartDeFi™, launching a crypto project could cost tens of thousands of dollars, depending on several factors.

While existing contracts can be replicated for little cost, custom contracts can alone reach thousands of dollars. Presales, or liquidity generation events, typically must be launched on third-party platforms that are separate from the exchanges on which trading will occur. The fees charged for launching a presale on existing platforms are typically percentage-based, so the costs can balloon to $10,000 or more, depending on the fundraising needs of the project. Furthermore, while some smaller firms offer contract auditing at a price range of $10,000 to $20,000, hiring trusted auditing firms can easily reach the realm of five to six figures, depending on the audit type and contract complexity. These and many other costs can quickly drive up a barrier to entry that makes launching a cryptocurrency all but impossible.

Using SmartDeFi™, a single integrated platform, organizations can now launch a token, create and execute a presale and open trading with minimal effort. Since the only fees are a 0.5% presale fee and the transaction (or “gas”) fees needed for interactions with the blockchain, costs are negligible. If creating a token on the Binance Smart Chain, for example, the total gas fees paid during the entire process are under $30 U.S. There is no need to use a third-party service to lock the token’s liquidity since it is automatically locked forever within the contract itself.

With the FEG SmartDeFi™ platform, anyone can create crypto projects from start to finish, with no technical knowledge required. Because SmartDeFi™ is a fully furnished token launchpad, there’s no need to develop or code any contracts. Depending on its use case, creating a token needs only a few variables to customize it, and SmartDeFi™ does the rest. Tokens launched are also inherently secure: Anti-bot protections are automatically integrated, rug pulls and honeypots are made impossible, and many other protections are inherent in each SmartDeFi token.  The SmartDeFi seal means no expensive audits are necessary.

Once launched, SmartDeFi™ tokens are automatically made available for purchase on, the premier decentralized finance exchange from the FEG token project. However, they are not restricted to this platform alone. Every SmartDeFi™ contract is an exchange within itself — there is no longer a need to interact with any exchange to buy or sell. Using a custom-built embedded widget, SmartDeFi™ token creators can easily and directly enable trading of their token on any webpage. Customers need only browse the company or project’s website, connect their crypto wallet using the embedded widget, and painlessly complete the transaction. By making transactions easy and seamless, this groundbreaking technology reduces complexity, removes obstacles for customers and can bolster adoption of the SmartDeFi™ token.

SmartDeFi™ also features innovative new technologies that help creators market their tokens. Each token launched is integrated with asset backing, a quasi-gold standard for crypto. With each transaction, a small fee is levied and routed to a dedicated asset-backing pool, creating an ever-increasing baseline value. This secondary value will never decrease, giving investors peace of mind that their investment will always be valuable. Additionally, SmartDeFi™ introduces SmartLending — a protocol enabling investors to use their holdings as collateral for short-term, no-interest loans. Investors can leverage their tokens’ asset backing to cover real-world expenses, expand their portfolio or otherwise utilize their investment’s value without having to sell.

As crypto adoption continues to grow around the world, businesses, nonprofit organizations, communities, governments and others are increasingly interested in leveraging the blockchain. The FEG token’s SmartDeFi launchpad protocol makes creating crypto assets easy and highly cost-effective while providing second-to-none security, safety and ease of use. With asset backing and SmartLending, customers and investors have unprecedented security and control over their investments. Teams launching SmartDeFi tokens will enjoy an incredibly streamlined process without the need for coding, multiple platforms or expensive fees. SmartDeFi is truly revolutionary and is making crypto a reality for everyone.

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