Ghost Drops Launches NFT Marketplace: “The Digital Future of Cannabis”

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  • 20.07.2021 05:30 pm

Ghost Drops continues to evolve the cannabis scene, today announcing the launch of its pioneering NFT marketplace,

In collaboration with full-service digital banking partner QNTMPAY, Ghost Drops – the iconic cannabis brand which recently announced its popular launch into the legal market – is launching Crypto Drops, a world-first NFT platform focused on cannabis and the gamification of cannabis cultivation.

“This is the digital future of cannabis,” says Ghost Drops CEO Gene Bernaudo. “Globally, there’s nothing like this but there’s a real appetite for it. We’re thrilled to continue to expand the boundaries of cannabis culture.” will launch in two waves. First, Ghost Drops is releasing its fan-favourite legacy strain art as unique, one-of-a-kind digital NFTs. This is a chance for cannabis collectors and connoisseurs to own a piece of the renowned Ghost Drops history. The legacy market strain art is being retired as it is not compliant with legal market restrictions.

In the second wave, Crypto Drops will expand considerably, building out a virtual gamified world of cannabis collection and cultivation. Featuring digital breeder packs of sought-after cannabis seeds, users can buy, sell and trade seeds, and grow virtual plants to crossbreed with other strains.

“Ghost Drops has been a cultural icon in Canadian cannabis. Now, we’re about to revolutionize banking, NFTs and crypto in this space,” Bernaudo says.

“I love that our original fans have this opportunity to own a piece of the Ghost Drops legacy with our strain art. This way, the history of the ghost can live on with the fans who helped us get here.

“And for cannabis connoisseurs, collectors and gamers, I can’t wait for them to experience the new digital cannabis frontier we’re pioneering with Crypto Drops.”

The partnership with QNTMPAY is a blockbuster piece of The Official Digital Banking Partner of Ghost Drops and Crypto Drops, QNTMPAY is next-generation, no-worries banking that will provide ease of entry into buying and selling cannabis NFTs.

QNTMPAY removes the requirement to deal with cryptocurrency to purchase NFTs by processing debit, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and more. Through QNTMPAY, Ghost Drops will also offer its customers a free peer-to-peer banking solution, including Ghost-branded bank cards and Mastercards.

In addition, Ghost Drops will also be introducing a points system – Ghost Cash – allowing consumers to redeem points from QNTMPAY purchases, to redeem on merchandise and accessories. Consumers who had been earning the former rewards, Ghostdots, will be able to transfer their points over.

QNTMPAY Founder Adam Pearsall says this launch marks the beginning of an exciting partnership in a high-growth space.

“Crypto Drops is going to transform the cannabis space, both in a cultural sense and also with how money changes hands. QNTMPAY is excited to be a part of this venture, as we bring our cutting-edge banking technology to this game-changing partnership.”

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