Exscudo launches Exscudo Exchange

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • 04.07.2018 07:21 am

This is a history day for Exscudo project and the whole modern economy. Today, we are launching Exscudo Exchange with all functionalities, so from now on you can start trading, and get a test of how our core products works together. Use combination of Exscudo products and services, like Exchange and Channels App to experience the fastest and easiest trading. Join Exscudo project right now and get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to trade on Exscudo Exchange without any fees till September 1.

You can enjoy next-level trading with functionalities of Exscudo Exchange:

1. Deposit money in five different currencies: EON, BTC, BTH, ETC and ETH

2. Update (Fill) KYC information and verify your identity with Google 2FA on your mobile device to protect your money

3. Track quotations of currency pairs you are interested in: check the last price for a currency pair, 24-hour trading volume and 24-hour price change

4. Make orders in two tabs - trade currency on BTC and EON market. Follow the best price for currency you want to buy and see the maximum amount of currency that you can purchase

5. Use withdrawal function and transfer money to Exscudo Channels App or any other wallet you want

6. Check transaction history widget to stay abreast of your strides

Our Team made a big step towards the financial evolution. But this is not our last word, Exscudo only starts its integration on the global market of cryptocurrencies. By partnering with banks, Exscudo will implement fiat trading this year - it will enable altcoin/fiat trading and give vast opportunities for business integration and tokenization.

There are several reasons why exchanges fail. Among there are security breaches caused by hackers or other criminal activities, but also new regulations of the governments. Exscudo found a solution that allows users to control money and never lose them. Our solution is to combine deposits and wallets of the user, making trading simple and secure. Exscudo Exchange is not involved in the deposit storage, deposits are stored directly in users’ wallets, that are based on EON blockchain. Exscudo Exchange plays a role of an escrow agent who signs transactions and guarantees swaps. Safety of the deposits are guaranteed by EON blockchain – so, as a storage option, Exscudo deposit system has maximum safety, convenience and effectiveness.

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