Cryptocurrency Project Eyes Revamping Visa/MasterCard Payments

Cryptocurrency Project Eyes Revamping Visa/MasterCard Payments
08.05.2018 07:26 am

Cryptocurrency Project Eyes Revamping Visa/MasterCard Payments


Modern Finance Chain is creating a sustainable cryptocurrency ecosystem. One that counteracts the payment system problems associated with traditional merchant-consumer payment transactions, drives cryptocurrency adoption and provides other cryptocurrency projects immediate integration into commerce.

"The problem with Visa/Mastercard and even American Express & Eurocard are that the merchant has no control over the transaction - it's entirely up to the credit card companies to complete the transaction and decide if the merchant will receive funds or not." - Vic Shybaiev, Modern Finance Chain

The Problem
Digital currencies have achieved phenomenal growth in recent years. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors alike have obtained massive wealth in the booming crypto market. Yet because of slow merchant adoption, it still remains fairly inconvenient to pay for goods and services with cryptocurrencies. Additionally, current blockchain projects are isolated and promote innovation only within their own technologies and community. MF Chain has a mission to break down the common barriers of all cryptocurrencies to create a collaborative digital economy that embraces any host of innovation.

The Solution
MF Chain is building the most cost-effective cryptocurrency payment ecosystem that rewards the consumer as well as the merchant. MF Chain's immediate goal is to become the foundation of commerce powered by the blockchain by bringing users the ability to transact using their favorite coins, based on a zero-fee model along with an innovative merchant rewards program.

The greater vision of Modern Finance Chain is the MF Mainnet. An independent public blockchain that uses a BFT/POS consensus model and a unique master node incentivization protocol. Furthermore, MF Mainnet will allow for the development of enterprise level private blockchains, atomic swap cross-chain transactions, multi-blockchain integration, and a verified digital identity system. Long-term value for Modern Finance Chain will be realized with the Innovation Incubator. Providing upstart projects the resources required to be successful along with a multi-currency ICO Platform that will allow multiple currencies to be accepted during the live token generation event.

Fundamentally, Modern Finance Chain's goal is to expand cryptocurrency utility to the point of ubiquity. We are helping cryptocurrency reach beyond being merely an investment, trading or speculative tool. Consumers, merchants, and enterprises both large and small will now be able to capitalize on the convenience and security that cryptocurrency and blockchain provide.

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