Caspian Rapidly Expands Crypto Trading Institutional Client Base

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • 17.10.2018 08:48 am
Crypto asset management platform Caspian has today announced series of client go-lives which marks the end of the Beta phase of the product. The company now has 15 global institutions live on the platform, and is currently implementing 20 more. Caspian expects to have 50 clients on the platform by the end of the year.
The live clients include TechemyBlockstarsOSL and Galaxy Digital, amongst many others that are leading the charge of institutions into the crypto space.
Caspian’s mission is to equip institutional investors with the high-quality and comprehensive trading tools that are already available to players in the legacy financial system – supporting a full stack of OEMS, PMS and RMS. At its core, it aims to bring a level of sophistication to a multi-billion dollar market that suffers from a number of limitations in its current state (fragmentation, lack of liquidity and no easy access to desired markets). Integrating with the backends of over twenty exchanges via their APIs, Caspian implements high-level concepts like Smart Order Routing (SOR) in order to become the one-stop shop for institutional investors around the world.
“Institutional investors that have been eyeing a move into crypto have been waiting for a platform like Caspian,” said Richard Mannell, Director of Techemy Capital. “They need resources similar to those they use for managing traditional assets – systems that manage portfolios, orders and risk management. It’s going to be fascinating to see what happens to the crypto market when institutional investors move in in the hundreds, which I think is about to happen.”
Meanwhile, Caspian revealed that around 170 customers are waiting to be onboarded to its platform. Currently, it boasts 15 clients in the onboarding process, including Lykke, ID Theory, Bletchley Park and ex-Point 72 manager Travis Kling’s Ikigai Asset Management. 
Sebastian Gerigk, Head of Financial Products at Swiss crypto exchange Lykke said, “The integration process of Caspian into our operations has been incredibly smooth. We are very much looking forward to using Caspian to help scale our trading and risk management operations. For institutional players, the tools they’re building are incredibly important – not only does Caspian offer a highly-intuitive platform, but it gives us access to a wealth of tools that are indispensable for serious trading.”
News of the progress will be a huge boost to a crypto community that is looking to Caspian to spark an influx of institutional investors that could in turn lead to rapid growth in the market.
“We have been delighted by the response of the institutional crypto community and look forward to working with these major players over the next months and years” said Robert Dykes, CEO of Caspian. 
Caspian has been focusing on helping institutional investors who need to have access to both an execution platform but also via its comprehensive portfolio management system It now provides a single interface into 25 exchanges, including Binance, Bitfinex, BitMex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, GDax, Gemini, Kraken, OKEX, Poloniex, HitBTC, Huobi, BitFlyer, CME Group, itBit, CBOE, Quoinex, KuCoin, Deribit, Bithumb,, Korbit, Fisco, Coinone and Zaif. 

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