Bitmedia Crypto Ad Network Shares Achievements and Market Data

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  • 13.07.2021 04:00 pm, has recently celebrated its 7th birthday and shared the achievements of the company in the crypto advertising market over the course of its existence. Today, the crypto ad network can be righteously considered to be the leader in blockchain and crypto advertising. It's reach spans over an extensive network of over 6000 publishers, which are websites that broadcast display ads distributed through the platform. On the other end, the company has attracted and continuously works with at least 4000 clients that in turn get unmatched access to the global blockchain community.

Key Achievements

Bitmedia LTD reports that its revenue has increased by over 20 times throughout the past few years and continues to grow along with the crypto industry developments. In the time between Q4 of 2019 and Q1 2021, Bitmedia's user base has increased by over 56%, progressing further at a similar pace. Other key achievements include:

  • Total impressions: over 150 billion 
  • Total advertisers: over 4,000 
  • Total ads: over 100,000 
  • Total publishers: over 6,000 
  • Mailing List users: over 120,000 
  • Unmatched variety of advertising tools 
  • Industry-leading entrance bids threshold

Becoming the market leader 

Rising up the leaderboard of the best marketing service platforms in blockchain must be accompanied by constant improvements. It is exactly the tactic that Bitmedia has chosen, which to this day, keeps it at the forefront of the industry. In fact, thanks to the team behind the platform, Bitmedia crypto ad network is the only platform that offers CPC display ads, lowest CPM bids, frequency capping and ad rerun settings. Likewise, the webmasters that exist on the other side of the network can toggle their CPM Floor, which allows setting the minimum threshold on the ads supplied by Bitmedia crypto ad network. In the conversation with Matvey Diadkov, the company's CEO, he outlined: 

"Our clients get the most provably effective ad solution on the market, and we never stop improving further!"

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