Credit Agricole deploys DealHub post-trade platform

  • 31.03.2015 01:00 am

DealHub (Option Computers Ltd) announced today that its FX post trade connectivity platform has been deployed at Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (Crédit Agricole CIB). DealHub’s modular platform combines the firm’s comprehensive market connectivity with flexible, rules based trade routing and processing, to provide Crédit Agricole CIB with a unified backbone for Straight Through Processing (STP), compliance and post trade workflow automation in their foreign exchange business.
Benjamin Gedeon, Global Head of Forex IT at Crédit Agricole CIB commented “Having evaluated a number of options to rationalise multiple post trade infrastructures, a key reason that we chose DealHub is because they offer more than just a connectivity pipe. The rules engine gives us the flexibility we need to rapidly evolve our infrastructure and workflows in a fast changing market, while the user interface provides valuable transparency for both our trading operations and compliance teams. DealHub have delivered a fast, smooth roll-out of the platform, which proved its capacity and resilience with a flawless performance during recent market volatility”.
Delivered on premise or as a fully managed service, the DealHub platform helps banks take cost and complexity out of their post trade operations by providing a unified interface between the fragmented external marketplace and the constantly evolving ecosystem of internal bank systems. By creating this unique point of standardisation in the post trade workflow, DealHub delivers a single platform for complex trade processing tasks, as well as providing unrivalled transparency into multi-channel FX flows for both trading and compliance teams.
“The successful DealHub roll out at Crédit Agricole CIB is a great example of the value DealHub’s flexible platform can deliver in Post Trade, going far beyond standard STP connectivity” said Chris Leaver, DealHub COO, “we’ve honed our technology and expertise during fifteen years of working to optimise the post trade processes of the world’s largest banks. As a result, our platform now has unrivalled connectivity, performance, and workflow flexibility that’s helping banks of all shapes and sizes reduce both cost and complexity, with fast implementation times ensuring benefits are quickly realised. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with Crédit Agricole CIB to further streamline their post trade operations in the months ahead”.
Used today by sixteen of the top twenty global FX banks to capture and process huge volumes of trade flow, DealHub’s post trade platformincorporates connectivity to more than 50 execution venues and bank platforms, as well trade publishing to a growing network of global and regional banks and buy-side institutions. The platform is also uniquely capable of capturing the output of conversational dealing and chat platforms and seamlessly integrating this with flow from eFX channels. Real-time routing, processing and surveillance of this unified feed is enabled by additional modules based on DealHub’s powerful rules engine and a flexible user interface that allows workflows to be tailored to a customer’s precise needs – from position keeping to risk splitting, profitability analysis to compliance alerting. A regulation compliant archive completes the platform, providing a powerful resource for trading and compliance investigations.
DealHub’s post trade services integrate seamlessly with the company’s complete range of trading, post trade, compliance and business intelligence solutions, including DealHub RefleX, the modular eFX platform launched in 2014.

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