Reimagining Digital Identity after COVID-19 for FI 3.0' Webinar

  • Covid-19
  • 16.09.2020 04:22 pm

In the age of social distancing, being extremely online is the new norm.

The entire financial ecosystem is being rocked as banks and credit unions around the world, deal with the impact of COVID-19.

The Need arises on how to reinvent the Banks &FI ' Identity& Management system for Fulfilling the knowledge gap that will enable them to rewrite their Customer journey by getting practical Takeaways & Toolkit from the webinar to survive this COVID pandemic.

Banks must grasp the immediate opportunity to lead the development of a trusted approach to digital identity, according to a new report published today from the Digital ID Expert Group at Mobey Forum.

Socure Research Report Finds a 134% Increase in New Account Fraud Attempts Since the Beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic

To battle this Malacius Attacks & Frauds, Group Futurista is back with its third edition of the webinar for Banking & Financial institutions.

Inviting more than 200 Industry Experts, Thought Leaders & Key Decision-makers From Banks & Financial, institutions, Government, etc for Interactive Q&A, Engaging Fire Side Chats & Panel Discussion to discuss & Transcend such issues.

Getting Insights from the Industry Experts With Banks & FI around the World like HSBC, Mastercard, J.P Morgan, etc.

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