London Business Coach Searching for Charity Partner

  • Covid-19
  • 25.08.2021 03:10 pm

With charities facing intense pressure during the pandemic, a local business coach is offering support in 2021. Jamie Goral, a London-based business coach at ActionCOACH, is searching for a local charitable organisation to help achieve their operational and financial goals through his gifted coaching sessions.

“The pandemic has been challenging for charities to say the least,” said Jamie. “And many have really struggled to survive as typical fundraising activities were cancelled and volunteers were blocked by restrictions. As restrictions begin to ease, it’s about getting back out there with even more vigour than ever before but also making smart moves. This is why I’m calling for local charities to get in touch if they would like to be considered as my next partner. Business coaching will help you to become more effective when it comes to financial management, marketing, operational processes and bringing the people in your teams together.”

Jamie understands the importance of charities needing to treat their operations like that of a typical business. Team should recognise the impact that streamlining a service and becoming a lot more strategic can have on a charity - with his wealth of growth tactics at his fingertips, Jamie is ready to help them take action.

“There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the people I coach develop into confident leaders and successful teams. Right now, I’m looking for a local charity to make a difference by using these same principles. Whether you’re a local charity or business owner interested in taking some positive strides through the second half of 2021 and beyond, please get in touch.”

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