A Digital Currency Revolution is Upon us a New Dawn of Fintech Approaches. Paysend New White Paper Explores the Opportunities for Digital Money in the World After Covid

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  • 28.06.2021 12:00 pm

Paysend announces that the latest White Paper entitled Digital Money in a Post-covid world has been published and is available now.

Head of Branding, Alberto Macciani, digs deep into the prolific expansion of digital money over the last 12 months and demonstrates just how we will see the landscape of financial technology shift, revolutionising the way we manage our money on a daily basis.

Paysend is proud to be at forefront of this revolution and one of the leaders in financial technology and the digitisation of money movement. The team is constantly working to develop expert, key and simple money solutions that provide our 3.8+ million customer base with the ability to save time, save money and be served at best all over the world.

As one of the first Fintech to introduce global card to card transfers and connect 12 billion cards across Mastercard, Visa, China UnionPay and Alipay, the Paysend team have been reviewing what has been learnt over this year of a global pandemic? What changes need to be made in our everyday lifestyle? How Paysend can improve upon experience for our users?

The Paysend goal is to harness its resources to provide digital money solutions that make life that much easier for customers and remove any unrequited hassle. Within the White Paper, Paysend discusses how our recent experience of lockdowns, social distancing and travel bans has caused the digital world to evolve and develop new ways of working, problem-solving using financial technology to navigate our surrounding restrictions. It shows examples of the way customer behaviour has changed; everyday practices being adjusted when entering back out into the world. The care for our health and well-being of the up-most importance whilst also ensuring our finances are secure in the midst of so much uncertainty.

Forecasting for the future and Paysend’s role to play:

Since March of 2020, the Covid pandemic has sparked one of the biggest upheavals in consumer habits and forced us all to adapt. It is recognised that businesses have been put under immense pressure this year, budget cuts and furlough/employment retention schemes becoming a necessary evil to keep afloat. That is why 17,000+ small and medium businesses put their trust in Paysend to provide them with over 40 fast and hassle-free payment solutions, offering them reduced rates.

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