SteelEye E-Book Showcases Five Ways to Comply Smarter with Financial Regulation

  • Compliance
  • 12.01.2021 04:14 pm

SteelEye, the compliance technology and data analytics firm, today released a new e-book titled “Five Ways to Comply Smarter with Financial Regulation.”

It is no secret that many financial services firms are struggling to manage the range of both new and enhanced regulatory obligations they are subject to for market abuse surveillance, communications oversight, best execution reporting, and transaction reporting, to name a few. 

Over the past year, as entire workforces have migrated to flexible or remote working, it has become increasingly clear that the traditional ways of managing compliance obligations, often in isolation using separate siloed platforms, are no longer sustainable.

According to Matt Smith, CEO, SteelEye, compliance costs are at an all-time high and are now one of the top budget items firms are struggling to contain. “When making decisions involving compliance, many firms are often prioritising cost over capabilities, which is counterproductive,” said Smith. “This regularly results in increased risk, lowered control over the compliance process, and higher long-term costs.”

Pathway to Compliance

SteelEye’s new e-book explores five guidelines that will help firms improve how they manage existing and future regulatory requirements. These five ways are:

1) Managing Multiple Functions on One Platform

2) Bringing Together Complex Data Sets

3) Investing in Technology Built for the Future

4) Focusing on Data First, Automation Second

5) Considering the Full Cost of Cost of Ownership

“By following these five guidelines, firms can transform how they meet their compliance objectives and beyond, enabling them to be more agile and deliver more value to their key stakeholders,” continued Smith.

To receive a copy of the Five Ways to Comply Smarter with Financial Regulation, please complete the Download Request Form.

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