Shield Adds Additional Layers to Further Enhance its Compliance Platform

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  • 14.04.2021 12:10 pm

Specialist RegTech provider Shield today announces the addition of further security layers which ensure its complete communications compliance lifecycle platform is one of the most secure RegTech solutions on the market. The latest version of the Shield platform has been enhanced specifically to address the additional needs of remote working in the new compliance normal.

Ofir Shabtai, Co-Founder and CTO at Shield commented, “As well as the practical challenges that remote working has brought for many financial sector businesses and their employees, it has also opened up potential gaps in security when confidential data is being shared and used away from secured business networks. To address this, Shield’s platform utilises full end-to-end encryption to ensure this data is protected, from the business’s secure data storage right through to the endpoint (be that a laptop or handheld mobile device), wherever the person is working.

Equally important is the security of cloud-based data, which has become essential for firms supporting home-working staff, as Ofir continues, “Working in a fully secured cloud and in full cooperation with leading cloud vendors, we have built a solution based on AWS (Amazon Web Services) to ensure each customer account is created with the correct security setup, incorporating the highest security level. This includes AWS Control Tower, which provides an easy way to set up and govern a secure, multi-account AWS environment, and AWS’s powerful Amazon GuardDuty threat detection service for full peace of mind.”

The Shield platform was developed from the bottom up with security at its heart, featuring an intrinsic secured architecture which protects data at all stages of the complete communications compliance lifecycle – from collection through to proactive and preventative detection and archive storage. The platform also includes powerful malware and intrusion detection, and 24/7 incident response, multi-factor authentication, and system monitoring. As a security information management system (SIMS), Shield fully automates the process to give financial firms complete assurance that their sensitive data (and that of their customers) is fully protected, even when their teams are working remotely.  

All these features ensure Shield is perfect for evolving business needs and the likely move to hybrid working for many financial professionals in the post pandemic world. Ofir concludes, “Put simply, our platform not only provides the world's only end to end communications compliance solution,  but also one of  the most secure. Shield’s enterprise-grade solution enables financial businesses to continue servicing clients in a professional, profitable, and regulatory compliant way, giving full peace of mind to CISOs in an evolving world. 

For more details on the Shield platform or to schedule a demo to see it in action, please contact Shield via email: or visit

About Shield

Shield automates and orchestrates the complete eComms compliance lifecycle, delivering all elements of capture, correlation, data enrichment, analytics, proactive and preventative detection. Featuring two distinct functions - Compliance Data Management and Proactive Surveillance - Shield's solution empowers numerous functions within regulated organisations, from departments such as surveillance and monitoring, risk and governance, forensic and control, all the way through to conduct and management.

A truly open platform, Shield was built to put an end to compliance data silos and complicated proprietary platforms. Our open integration approach enables an organisation to connect to a wide range of electronic communications platforms through our library of pre-integrated connectors, whilst we normalize, enrich the data, and allow for connectivity to other platforms as well.

By harnessing the power of AI, Shield’s platform utilises its non-disruptive technology and unique capabilities, including FCR (Financial Context Recognition), Alert Scoring, and NLP. It is also a Cross Regulation Platform, enabling regulated firms to meet different regulatory use cases and objectives such as: record keeping and retention, completeness and reconciliation, eDiscovery and advanced search, investigations, and surveillance.

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