CEB TowerGroup recognises FICO as a leading provider in KYC systems

  • Compliance , AML and KYC
  • 23.01.2017 09:30 am

A 2016 report from CEB TowerGroup analysts recognises FICO as a leading provider in “Know Your Customer” systems, with FICO®TONBELLER® Siron® Anti-Financial Crime Solutions. CEB TowerGroup analysts’ 2016 “Do You Know Who I Am? Know Your Customer Systems Market Update” shows that FICO TONBELLER Siron system provides all 18 capabilities studied as standard features.

FICO TONBELLER Siron solution also was noted as a leading solution in a CEB TowerGroup analyst 2016 report on anti-money laundering, “Combatting Rising Threats with Aging Infrastructure: Anti-Money Laundering Systems Market Update.”

FICO is hosting two webinars on AML and KYC in the coming weeks, co-presented with CEB TowerGroup Principal Executive Advisor, Andy Schmidt. “Improving AML Compliance through Advanced Analytics” will be held January 24, 2017, and “Hiding in Plain Sight: Is Your KYC Process a Spotlight or a Blindfold? Operational Benefits of New Analytic Technologies” will be held February 23, 2017.

According to one report, “TONBELLER was already a strong vendor in the KYC market prior to the acquisition by FICO, with identified strengths in risk profiling and dynamic assessment capabilities. The enhanced use of dynamic questionnaires and the addition of tax compliance capabilities further strengthens the FICO TONBELLER offer.”

Terrorism and increased banking regulation have put the spotlight on the systems banks use to know the risk of their customers. The analyst report states, “KYC solutions rank among the highest value commercial banking technologies due to their ability to help banks reduce risk and comply with regulations. We believe that the competitive advantage that KYC can bring by expediting the onboarding process is often overlooked. By shortening onboarding times, efficient KYC processes reduce time to service, resulting in improved customer experience, and ultimately an increased propensity to repurchase from and recommend the bank.”

FICO® TONBELLER® provides integrated IT solutions for governance, risk, and compliance to banking, insurance, and corporate organisations in more than 90 countries. FICO acquired TONBELLER in 2015, combining their focus on predictive analytics with TONBELLER’s risk-based financial crimes prevention and compliance capabilities. Siron® AML and Siron® KYC are part of Siron® Anti-Financial Crime Solutions, a suite of solutions for financial and white-collar crime, and risk management and monitoring, analysis, and reporting.

“These reports validate the power of our risk-based approach to fighting financial crime,” said Torsten Mayer, vice president for compliance solutions at FICO. “More than 1,100 businesses in 90 countries rely on FICO TONBELLER solutions for governance, risk and compliance. The rise of terrorism worldwide makes this kind of protection more important than ever, which is why FICO has invested heavily in equipping our Siron product with fresh analytics and the latest features.”

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