Bloomberg BNA Releases BEPS Tracker for International Tax Professionals

  • Compliance , Infrastructure
  • 15.02.2016 06:45 am

Bloomberg BNA today announced the release of its new BEPS Tracker, which enables international tax professionals to quickly and easily determine the status of a country's response to the OECD's Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) action plan. The BEPS Tracker gives practitioners the latest information on countries' proposed and final changes to tax laws and regulation.

The OECD's final BEPS Action Plan, which was released this past October, is causing fundamental changes in how countries tax multinational corporations.  Tax practitioners and corporate tax departments are challenged to stay up to date and understand the implications of these changes. Moreover, countries are interpreting this guidance very differently, leaving businesses on their own to understand how these differing approaches will impact their companies.  Bloomberg BNA's BEPS Tracker is a new tool to help multinational companies track these country-by-country developments enabling them to better understand the steps they need to take to comply with new legislation and rule changes. 

"The final BEPS Action Plan is having a profound impact on international taxation, so multinational corporations need to monitor BEPS-related developments and adjust their plans as needed," said George Farrah, Editorial Director, Bloomberg BNA's Tax & Accounting division.  Practitioners can turn to Bloomberg BNA's BEPS Tracker, a must-have tool that provides tax professionals daily coverage of BEPS-related news and developments from across the globe along with detailed summaries of how countries are responding to the BEPS Action Plan."

With access to the BEPS Tracker, practitioners have in-depth analysis from leading practitioners — including links to Bloomberg BNA's renowned Tax Management Portfolios™ series for superior insight — and detailed analysis of BEPS-related topics, by country and action item.  Users have quick links to relevant government announcements and can also create country-by-country comparison charts for all 15 action items.

The BEPS Tracker is part of the Premier International Tax Library, which helps practitioners navigate the complexities of cross-border transactions and provides access to tax treaties of nearly 200 countries and jurisdictions around the world.


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