Vonage Chosen by Software Solved to Power Virtual Surveyor Solution in the UK

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  • 05.11.2020 05:16 pm

Vonage (Nasdaq: VG), a global leader in cloud communications technology helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation, has announced a strategic partnership with UK-based data and software specialists, Software Solved. Vonage will embed its Video API into Software Solved’s innovative SurveyorTech solution to power comprehensive surveys remotely.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, unprecedented limitations have been placed on in-person meetings and visits to physical locations, presenting a significant challenge to conducting surveys. In response, Software Solved will embed the Vonage Video API into its new SurveyorTech solution.

Software Solved secured funding from Innovate-UK and will use the Vonage Video API to develop remote video streaming as an enhancement to SurveyorTech. The technology enables professionals across a multitude of sectors including Insurance, Risk Management and Property Maintenance & Building services, to undertake comprehensive remote or on-premise surveys capturing images, annotations and notes as they go.

“We are pleased to work with Vonage to enable a remote surveying feature within SurveyorTech, something that is needed now more than ever,” said Martin Lovell, Head of Product, Software Solved. “With distancing guidelines and safety precautions in place, the inability to visit and access a property can be costly. Leveraging Vonage technology, we can quickly disrupt the old ways of working and meet this challenge by enabling a remote surveying option to serve customers across multiple sectors.”

"The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a secular change in how business gets done and accelerated digital transformation for businesses around the globe, particularly those that previously relied on visiting a physical location like surveying,” said Omar Javaid, President, Vonage API Platform Group. “Businesses must rely on technology to build disruptive solutions that provide virtual connections to meet customer demand. This is the value that Vonage brings to customers like Software Solved."

The Vonage Communications Platform brings both power and flexibility to businesses through the integration of multiple channels − video, voice, chat, messaging, email and verification − into their applications, products, and workflows to create new paradigms in their industries. With an ever-growing network of more than one million registered developers, the Vonage Communications Platform makes it easy for businesses to use APIs to disrupt their industries, and enable the type of business continuity, remote work, and remote delivery of services that is so essential in today's environment.

To find out more about Vonage, visit www.vonage.com.

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