Sberbank and SAP Complete Russia’s Largest Cloud Project

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  • 13.04.2018 08:35 am

Sberbank and SAP have announced the completion of a major HR digital transformation project that utilises the SAP Success Factors cloud solution. The system is currently used by 230,000 of the bank’s employees in Russia. 

In the future it is planned to connect all of Sberbank’s subsidiaries. The project will cover a total audience of 270,000 employees. The transition to the new system was carried out by a joint team made up of SAP Consulting and Sberbank employees over a year and has been recognised as the fastest project to deploy a cloud-based HR system of a major SAP client globally.

The aim of the project was to ensure a new level of quality of personnel management processes at the bank in accordance with the ambitious 2020 transformation strategy. Key objectives of the project included increasing the quality of employee recruitment and training, achieving transparent career planning and development, creating a new model of competencies, and developing corporate culture.

The cloud platform unites all Russia-based employees of the bank in a single digital space, which enables Sberbank to realise the concept of a single internal labour market. At any time, every employee can use any device to work on personal development using the assessment tools, career planning and online training. Managers can receive information about their teams, work with candidates for open positions, make employee development decisions, and view their colleagues’ assessment scores. In addition the system lets managers see a chart of positions that they can aspire to at the company. The platform can also be used by managers to track the performance of each employee, assess their skills and competencies and put together teams to resolve tasks, regardless of where employees are located. The bank’s management can use data from the system to make strategic decisions about planning competencies required at the bank, personnel development, and current and potential growth areas.

In addition, the system significantly reduces the time spent on personnel recruitment and on-boarding, as well as making this process inclusive for all divisions of the bank.

In the future it will be possible to use information collected by the system to create new digital solutions for working with personnel, including predictive tools.

“Sberbank’s main aim is to reach a new level of competitiveness that will enable us to compete with global tech companies whilst maintaining our status as the number one bank for individuals and businesses. We plan to achieve this aim by scaling up our business and increasing profits and efficiency whilst increasing flexibility, speed and client centricity by introducing new technology and cultivating a new sort of employee,” commented Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank Yulia Chupina.

“Sberbank’s switchover to SAP Success Factors is a unique project of nationwide significance. The speed at which it was carried out and also the fact that it has united every single employee of Russia’s largest bank in a single cloud space is truly impressive. Sberbank has demonstrated that if you have a strategy, a will, and a well-coordinated team it is possible to make transformations, regardless of the size and scale of your company. It’s significant that the project has been completed in a period when the Digital Economy programme is being actively carried out, as it means that Sberbank can serve as a digital benchmark for the state and business in Russia,” commented CEO of SAP CIS Nataliya Parmenova.

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