Quantile Continues To Operate Without Disruption By Leveraging AWS

  • Cloud
  • 21.04.2020 10:11 am

Quantile Technologies (Quantile), a leading provider of multilateral optimisation services, today announced that its early adoption of cloud technology has ensured the continued operation of its interest rate compression and margin optimisation services, which are fundamental to reducing risk and improving liquidity in the global derivatives markets.

Quantile, a Select Technology Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN), leverages AWS for scalable computing power, data storage, and corporate infrastructure – helping to deliver services to OTC market participants globally. Live since 2017, Quantile has been able to expand its services rapidly and deliver a highly reliable and secure environment for market participants to optimise their portfolios. Quantile compression now regularly eliminates $10 trillion of gross notional per month and its optimisation service reduces initial margin postings by $10 billion on average.

The unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak has demonstrated the value of Quantile’s robust and resilient technology framework - with the business successfully delivering all services without disruption. Quantile decided to implement remote working for all employees just prior to the social-distancing measures becoming widespread, and this transition occurred overnight. Since then, Quantile has been remote working globally and continued to execute both compression and optimisation runs on a weekly basis. Early adoption of AWS’s proven platform played a key part in making the transition so smooth.                                                                                                            

“We would like to reassure the market that Quantile continues to operate our full range of services during this time of market disruption,” said Andrew Williams, CEO at Quantile. “When we founded the company, we put technology at the forefront. Our cloud-based infrastructure has been a very powerful enabler to our business - both in terms of delivering scale as we have grown and most recently, a seamless transition to the entire company working 100 per cent from home.”

He added, “AWS allows us to access all of our corporate infrastructure and production and development environments in a controlled and compliant manner. It also provides an essential element of BCP, with new servers coming online in a matter of minutes should they be required.”

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