mimik and Flybits Announce Strategic Partnership to Advance the Next Generation of Customer Experience & Security

  • Cloud , Security
  • 18.08.2020 11:05 am

mimik Inc., a pioneering Hybrid Edge Cloud company, and Flybits, the world’s leading experience design platform for the financial sector, today announced their strategic partnership. Flybits will be using and advancing mimik’s Hybrid Edge Cloud platform to offer its customers the next generation of personalization by leveraging edge computing & confidential computing.

mimik’s Hybrid Edge Cloud platform extends the cloud to the edge by enabling any computing device to act as cloud servers. Flybits enables the world’s top financial institutions to elevate their digital channels including mobile apps, to advance beyond just transactions and offer a ‘human-touch’ experience through real-time personalized guidance and recommendations on both core and augmented products and services.

“This partnership reflects the growing need across all industries looking to take advantage of the benefits of Hybrid Edge Cloud technology which can significantly improve the performance and efficiencies of the applications and provide better control over data privacy and data management,” says Fay Arjomandi, Founder, President and CEO, mimik“We are thrilled to partner with Flybits and have our Hybrid Edge Cloud solutions made available to its global customers and partners.”

mimik’s platform enables a more flexible application operating environment while lowering the costs of operations and application delivery time along with offering higher data privacy for their user base. mimik’s edge Engine is available today for iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, macOS, Raspbian, QNX, OpenWRT, and FreeRTOS and has been used by variety of applications deployed on edge devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs, WiFi routers, NAS appliances, and IoT devices.

The partnership will expand opportunities for banks to become central ‘trust hubs for data’ within their communities, enabling them to offer more than just one-way transactional services. Banks will be able to partner with other organizations like utility and energy companies, supermarkets, loyalty program providers, hospitals, academic institutions, and telecommunication carriers. This new type of ecosystem will empower banks to be custodians of their customers' data while collaborating with such companies, to create more value for their customers and ensure their data is safe.

“Co-locating data in one place is prone to privacy and security risk. Flybits has a strong patent portfolio on privacy preserved data processing and we are pleased to find a partner who has built a unique technology that can augment our confidential computing capabilities. Such capabilities will empower bank customers to choose how they share their data and for what purpose,” says Hossein Rahnama, Founder and CEO, Flybits“Our partnership with mimik will introduce a new paradigm, creating an architectural blueprint of trust-based personalization using a cutting-edge technology that has never been used in the financial sector.”

During 2020, mimik and Flybits will advance their partnership, working on multiple projects including commercial deployments and R&D projects focused on IP that other start-ups and partners can use to build impactful  business cases.

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