HYPER Reveals Invisible Job Market

  • Cloud , Infrastructure
  • 19.04.2017 12:45 pm

Today, HYPER has officially unveiled to market. HYPER is an online cloud platform that confidentially matches up the C-Suite with relevant leadership positions based on their experience.  

Unlike mid-level job positions –C-level positions remain hidden, and recruiting at this senior level is notoriously hard. As is discreet job hunting at this level – when was the last time you saw a job advertisement for a CEO position available? But new independent research commissioned by HYPER shows that over 78% of executives wish it was easier for them to be identified for a new career opportunity, yet over 90%+ of senior opportunities are hidden.

HYPER is a brand new platform created to provide executives with discreet matching into unpublished senior leadership opportunities. Using intelligent algorithm driven ‘tightness of fit’ scoring – senior candidates and recruitment companies can get under the surface of this elusive, hidden job market and drill down specifically to what is available and currently trending against specific geographies, functions, industries, profiles and skills that are in demand.


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