Custom Connect Reveals New Cloud Application Performance Service

  • Cloud
  • 05.05.2017 08:00 am

The carrier neutral data communication specialists at Custom Connect are making the cloud easier to navigate, cheaper, and more reliable with the launch of their Cloud Application Performance service. With a clear understanding of how mission-critical the cloud is to enterprises all over the world, Custom Connect will now offer CAP to connect global clouds with just one port and fixed, predictable, and transparent pricing.

The service will transform how enterprises navigate the quickly growing cloud technology sector, but also offer customers guaranteed bandwidth performance - one of the biggest challenges facing the cloud today. 

Custom Connect’s CEO, Olav van Doorn: “Everything is moving into the cloud, and at Custom Connect, our vision is to secure the ever-important cloud application performance for our clients anytime, anywhere. We’re shifting away from the rest of the industry that’s focusing on their own ‘cloud islands’ instead of securing cloud network performance for global enterprises. With CAP, you gain full control over your global interconnected clouds, get guaranteed performance, as well as fixed predictable and transparent pricing”.

Custom Connect’s CTO Rutger Bevaart: “With Custom Connect’s newest service, the Cloud Application Performance, innovative businesses can now connect to every single cloud service in the world via one port, manage global cloud connections with one partner, and can rely on guaranteed bandwidth with end-end application performance. It’s never been easier to connect to the cloud”. 

Custom Connect is a global data communication specialist that provides solutions to connect your offices, data centers, or cloud environments anywhere in the world. Our carrier neutral operating model is not bound to any single provider, meaning we can access any operator, carrier, or network worldwide. With our connectivity-model, we secure engagement with your customers, partners, and employees.

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