CoreDial Provides a Multi-Switch UCaaS Platform for the Channel

  • Cloud , Infrastructure
  • 21.03.2017 12:15 pm

BLUE BELL, Pa., a leading SaaS platform provider enabling channel delivery of cloud communications, today announced the addition of the BroadWorks call control services to its SwitchConnex platform enabling its channel partner community to sell to a wider range of customers.              

CoreDial is now the only company to offer a multi-switch and carrier-grade software platform that supports both Asterisk and BroadWorks, empowering channel partners to support any type of customer, including small businesses to large multi-site enterprises. With the addition of BroadWorks, CoreDial partners can now offer options to their customers, and a more diverse set of feature packages to customers of all sizes. Ultimately this enables the channel to win more deals, deliver better and more reliable services, and realize higher profit margins.

“Previously, in order to meet the needs of enterprise customers, we would’ve had to partner with a vendor as an agent and we weren’t willing to lock our brand and revenue to that type of partner. CoreDial offers freedom of choice, higher margins and puts their partners’ brands first, which makes a huge difference for us,” said Chris Casale, owner of PureEdge Technologies. “Today, CoreDial is the only vendor that enables us to offer features and solutions to meet the needs of any size client, allowing us to scale our business into larger enterprise environments.”

More than 40 percent of hosted PBX seats globally are on the BroadWorks platform, and more than 800 service providers around the globe have deployed BroadWorks. This trusted software is now available to all CoreDial partners on the SwitchConnex platform. In fact, they will find the same efficiencies they have come to expect on SwitchConnex for Asterisk and be able to leverage those efficiencies for their full client base regardless of which call control platform they’re deploying.

  • Multi-Switch Flexibility: The ability to leverage both Asterisk and BroadWorks on the SwitchConnex platform enables channel partners to address the needs of any business environment, from a small, one location business to large, multi-site enterprises. Channel partners can select the right software and interfaces to use for the right business at the right time.
  • Carrier-Grade Reliability: The BroadWorks platform enhances switch reliability with a physical and geographical redundancy. SwitchConnex for BroadWorks offers this geo-redundancy along with CoreDial’s multiple in and outbound route options for voice and data to instantly provide carrier-grade call and network reliability.
  • Administrative Efficiencies: SwitchConnex for BroadWorks also provides multi-site billing capabilities which enable partners to invoice correctly, including taxes specific to each location.
  • Extended Contact Center Capabilities: SwitchConnex for BroadWorks also offers extended advantages for contact center environments, including analytics and performance monitoring functions.

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