First Digital Inheritance Service Concludes ICO, Outlines Roadmap

First Digital Inheritance Service Concludes ICO, Outlines Roadmap
06.11.2017 05:41 am

First Digital Inheritance Service Concludes ICO, Outlines Roadmap

Cash management

The DigiPulse Token Sale has finally concluded! During the month-long sale, we've raised 3474 ETH from 420 contributors! We would like to sincerely thank everyone who has supported us and spent their hard earned cash to support our Digital Inheritance vision. 

Now that the Sale is over, we'll be focusing on three major aspects of DigiPulse - developing the Beta, ensuring that the DigiPulse tokens - the DGPT are listed on relevant Cryptocurrency exchanges, handling token and bounty distributions, as well as attending local and foreign Crypto and ICO related conferences.


1. Beta / Public Launch

After having launched the Alpha prototype, which is open for public preview, earlier this October, the team is currently focused on developing the DigiPulse Beta. In the upcoming weeks, we'll be tackling improvements relating to encrypted keys, multiple vault support and general UI improvements. The Beta release is scheduled for January 2018.

For those wishing to explore the more hidden aspects of DigiPulse, head over to GitHub to read the Alpha release specifications and information on running your own node in the future. We would love to receive your thoughts, feedback and suggestions via the inbuilt Alpha Intercom or other channels.






2. DGPT on Cryptocurrency exchanges 

DGPT will first be listed on EtherDelta, with ongoing talks with additional exchanges. Time is of the essence, so we are doing everything in our power to expedite the DGPT listing on all relevant exchanges. We will, naturally, keep everyone up to date on this via all our communication channels.

3. Bounty distributions

The team is currently estimating all bounty participant stakes and calculating the exact amount of DGPT tokens to be allocated to each participant. The token distribution is expected to be finalised by November 15. A comprehensive summary of all participant contributions to the success of the token sale will be available in a public spreadsheet by November 8. 

4. Unsold Tokens

The token sale conducted with 1,402,641.39 tokens sold leaving 11,297,358.61 unsold (88.96%) from total tokens allocated for sale - 12,700,000. The unsold tokens are already frozen for a 6 month period (until 1st of May, 2018) after which there will be two ways in which the unsold tokens will be handled - they will either be sent to the main smart contract on a monthly basis in equal parts over the period of 10 years or a selected number of tokens will be burned. 

The route will rest upon the decision made by the entire DigiPulse community - we will be asking the opinions of our token holders and early supporters regarding this matter. We expect to have a definite conclusion regarding the future of unsold tokens by next week - by November 10th.

5. ICO conferences

With past ICO event attendance having been more than fruitful in terms of contacts, exposure and networking, the team is dedicated to participate in the following upcoming conferences:


10.11 - Riga Comm, Business Technology and Innovation Fair

15.11 - Rietumu Fintech Club (keynote speech)

25.11 - Baltic Honeybadger Bitcoin Conference

27.11 - Digital Freedom Festival

30.11 - SLUSH

In case our team paths cross at any of these events, don't hesitate to come say 'hi' and ask us any and all questions about the future of our Digital Inheritance service.

As always, you can reach us almost round the clock via our Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Bitcointalks and our Telegram channel. If you’d like to stay in the loop, subscribe to our newsletter — we’ll be keeping everyone updated with reminders of all upcoming news.

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