YouHodler Awards a Trip Around the World to the Winner of the Crypto Journey Competition

  • Blockchain , Cryptocurrencies
  • 16.09.2021 02:20 pm

YouHodler, a fintech platform that helps people access the benefits of the crypto economy, has announced the winners of their first Crypto Journey campaign. 

The winners of  Crypto Journey are:

  • Stefano from Italy, who won a trip around the world sponsored by OneWorld Alliance
  • Jun from South Korea, who received a hotel subscription from Inspirato
  • Tristan from Australia, who got a brand new MacBook Pro

The participants also had the opportunity to win one of eight unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by a famous artist. The campaign was held from July 1 till August 31 and every week, the company gave away one unique NFT plus a physical picture of that NFT made by artist FRAKTALITY.

Offering crypto services, YouHodler helps people to understand and utilize the benefits of crypto assets and to avoid zero and negative interest rates on their savings with traditional banks. Unlocking the value of crypto assets, the team shares a mission of helping people stop passive holding and start using crypto assets right now.

“Our mission at YouHodler is to connect the traditional finance world with a new digital economy and build a safe environment for consumers to enjoy its benefits”, says Ilya Volkov, CEO & Founder of YouHodler. “We’re always excited to .”

YouHodler’s solutions open up connections between crypto and the real world, allowing people to use their crypto assets without spending them. With YouHodler, users can buy and sell crypto at any time, use it for purchases or put it in a reward account generating up to 12% yields. In addition, they can exchange crypto, fiat and stablecoins and get instant cash and crypto loans with their crypto assets acting as collateral.

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