Waves Platform and GHP Group Founders Launch a Joint Company

  • Blockchain
  • 23.10.2019 08:20 am

Alexander Ivanov, founder of Waves Platform, and Mark Garber, GHP Group’s chairman of the board, have announced the launch of Global Chain, a joint company focused on implementation of blockchain-based solutions in logistics and other industries.

“Logistics is one of the most promising areas for adopting solutions based on the blockchain technology,” says Alexander Ivanov. “Therefore, at initial stages, the focus will be specifically on logistic solutions. Later, we anticipate execution of joint projects in other industries, as well.”


The joint venture comes as a result of the two parties’ earlier collaboration.


“Our collaboration has graduated to another level and it requires a new approach: me and Alexander will focus on implementation of vertically integrated projects within the framework of the Global Chain joint venture,” comments Mark Garber. “We anticipate synergy from our expertise in large-scale strategic projects and Alexander’s experience in blockchain technologies.”


Ivanov and Garber’s joint project will operate on Russian territory as Globalchain Ltd. and its main office will be based in Moscow. The two entrepreneurs will own equal shares in the company, and Ivanov will be its head.


Global Chain’s technological base will be the enterprise blockchain platform Waves Enterprise. All projects earlier launched on the Vostok platform will operate under that brand, and the Vostok brand will no longer be used.


Alexander Ivanov, a physicist by training, is a tech entrepreneur and founder of Waves Platform, which developed a protocol for operation of decentralized applications (dApp) and other blockchain solutions. Its division Waves Enterprise works on solutions for the corporate and public sectors.


Mark Garber is a financier, senior partner and chairman of the board of GHP Group. In 1995, he co-founded UCB financial group. In 1998-2000, he was chairman of the board of Fleming UCB and, in 2000-2012, senior partner and board member at Fleming Family & Partners. In 2012, he and Ian Hannam bought part of FF&P’s business and formed GHP Group (Garber Hannam Partners).


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