Minima’s Cooperative Blockchain Network Reaches 120,000 Complete Nodes To Surpass Bitcoin

  • Blockchain
  • 30.06.2022 02:30 pm

Minima, the first cooperative blockchain network that enables anyone to run a complete node on a mobile and IoT device, today announces that it has exceeded 120,000 complete nodes across 183 countries, surpassing Bitcoin's node count and distribution.

Minima has achieved this by ensuring running a complete node (that both validates and constructs its blockchain) is as simple as downloading an app, so that a completely decentralized network can be built that is both scalable and inclusive while remaining secure and resilient.

The exponential growth of Minima’s node count will make its network more resistant to attacks, as the higher number of nodes means that its blockchain is now distributed across increasingly more devices, making it harder for a malicious actor to take control of the network.

Minima’s ultra-lean blockchain enables anyone to run a complete node by downloading an app, empowering individuals to collectively build a more resilient foundation, on which an ecosystem of truly decentralized apps will flourish, where everyone can cooperate as equals.

Complete nodes are the backbone of any decentralized blockchain network. Without them,  problems arise as the value of the tokens increases and running a node becomes more difficult and expensive, resulting in the creation of a specialised class of miners or stakers with significant power over a network.

Minima Founder and CEO Hugo Feiler said:  “Only when everyone can run the same version of the blockchain, with no hierarchy, can people truly enjoy the benefits of complete decentralization-empowered freedom and prosperity.”

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