CryptoCompare Joins IOWArocks, to Provide Proven Digital Asset Data Sets

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  • 16.04.2021 10:20 am

IOWArocks, the global marketplace for data, tech, and  services, today adds CryptoCompare to their rapidly expanding data marketplace. CryptoCompare is a global leader in  digital asset data providing institutional and retail investors with high-quality real-time and historical data. The IOWArocks marketplace, built on the advanced technology from MDX Technology, is a single and highly accessible  destination for market and alternative data sources for both data owners and consumers alike. 

Adding CryptoCompare’s data to the IOWArocks financial marketplace will allow its global community of trading  professionals and investors to access a comprehensive dataset of over 250,000 digital asset pairs from more than 250  exchanges. 

Charles Hayter, CEO and Co-Founder of CryptoCompare, commented, "Granularity and data integrity are our top  priorities, we firmly believe that our datasets are unrivalled when measured by these terms. We are delighted to  partner with the IOWArocks team because our values and approach are strongly aligned. Their technology is proven,  and their new marketplace provides a valuable distribution network for our data."  

Paul Watmough, IOWArocks CEO & Co-Founder, commented, "It is no secret that cryptocurrencies have become very  attractive to investors globally and news just in is that the market cap is now at two trillion dollars. These datasets are  vital on our marketplace, and I am delighted CryptoCompare, with their outstanding data quality, have selected  IOWArocks. Our ecosystem approach to both data and technology now presents a highly compelling proposition to  the financial services, energy and commodity trading communities."

About IOWArocks - Connect to everything 

Designed for the financial services community and beyond, IOWArocks, the global marketplace delivers data, tech and  services to everyone. IOWAdata. IOWAtech. IOWAserv. 

IOWAdata provides highly flexible engagement models which means data consumers can now purchase only the data  they want on commercial terms tailored to suit specific needs and budgets. The growing number of data providers  include Alqami, BMLL Technologies, Clinical Cube, CubeLogic, EDI, FactEntry, ICE Data Services, Marex Spectron,  NewChangeFX, and Numerco, to name a few.  

IOWArocks is powered by Connect, the world-class technology platform provided by IOWAtech (formerly MDX  Technology). IOWAtech customers include 360T, CIMD, LITASCO, Marex Spectron, MarketAxess, Portfinance,  SoftSolutions, TP ICAP and TrailStone, to name a few. IOWAserv offers a range of consultancy services to data  providers, data consumers and existing clients either directly or via trusted ecosystem partners. IOWArocks is based  in London and has a well-established global support network. 

About CryptoCompare 

CryptoCompare is a global leader in digital asset data providing institutional and retail investors with real-time and  historical data spanning 5,000+ coins and 250,000+ currency pairs. By aggregating and analysing tick data from  globally recognised exchanges and seamlessly integrating multiple datasets, CryptoCompare offers a comprehensive,  granular overview of the market across trade, order book, historical, social and blockchain data. 


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