Crypto Hedgefund ARK36 Invests in Concordium Compliant Private Blockchain

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  • 24.03.2021 01:22 pm

Danish-owned cryptocurrency investment fund ARK36 has participated in a private sale of GTU tokens issued by Concordium, a new, state-of-the-art blockchain project built for business and focused on regulatory compliance and privacy.

Concordium, which is run by a team of Danish innovators and led by CEO Lone Fonss Schroder, has recently completed the second private sale round where they raised $15M and thus secured additional funding for further development. ARK36 saw the sale as an opportunity to further broaden its portfolio, recognizing Concordium’s groundbreaking potential and a promising, asymmetric risk-to-reward ratio it may carry as an investment.

Concordium is a compliance-ready blockchain that meets the most critical regulatory demands of today. With inbuilt ID at the protocol level and zero-knowledge proofs, Concordium maintains a balance between compliance, identity, and privacy, where parties are identified in a private way and data is public but encrypted. Thanks to these mechanisms, which ensure Concordium’s operational stability in the increasingly tight regulatory landscape, the company has created perfect conditions for broad adoption of its blockchain by the business sector.

Concordium combines a strong emphasis on governance with rigorous technology development. The Concordium Advisory Board includes Former Vice-chair of NASDAQ and FCSE Chair Hans-Ole Jochumsen and Former Skype COO Michael Jackson. Lars Seier Christensen is Chairman of the Swiss non-profit Concordium Foundation; he was previously Co-CEO at Saxo Bank for over 20 years. Concordium’s team has been working closely with members of the RustLang Foundation to deploy its Dev Rel strategy, which is based on the ethics of reciprocity. Concordium has seen some early market traction, signing a joint venture agreement with Geely Cars of China.

The strong emphasis on regulation speaks to ARK36’s own philosophy and has been one of the crucial factors in the decision to participate in Concordium’s private sale. Since its inception, compliance has been a top priority for ARK36 and one of its main value propositions for regulatory-conscious investors. While actively looking to maximize the RoI for clients, ARK36 considers the regulatory risk of any given investment and Concordium’s stable regulatory foundation convinced ARK36’s team that such an investment would make a good addition to the fund’s already balanced portfolio of different crypto-assets.

Lone Fonss Schroder, CEO at Concordium said: We are always looking for smart participation and by smart, we mean collaborative participation. With the ARK36 Team, we are confident we have found not only a participant in our private sale but a partner that shares the same ethics and values, as we look forward to our mainnet launch in Q2.”

Ulrik Lykke, Co-Founder at ARK36 commented: Thanks to the national ties that ARK36 and the Concordium Foundation both share with Denmark, we noticed the project early on and have been following its development for over a year now. Not only are we happy to see how Concordium has progressed, but we are also proud that we have been able to support it, providing additional value for our own investors.

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