ConsenSys announces PegaSys Plus for Enterprises

  • Blockchain
  • 23.09.2019 01:34 pm

Today, ConsenSys announced the launch of PegaSys Plus, the commercial distribution of its core Ethereum infrastructure. PegaSys is the protocol development team within ConsenSys that builds Ethereum tech for both the public-chain community and enterprises. Earlier this month, PegaSys was the first group building a mainnet Ethereum client to contribute its codebase to the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger, a global open-source initiative dedicated to advancing cross-industry blockchain technologies. Formerly known as Pantheon, Hyperledger Besu is PegaSys’ mainnet Ethereum client and includes a number of features for permissioned blockchains.

PegaSys Plus is a commercial distribution of Hyperledger Besu with enhanced features and support services for accelerating production deployment. In addition to the native security benefits of blockchain software architecture, PegaSys Plus enables enterprises and consortia to benefit from additional layers of encryption and security as well as improved efficiency to ensure use cases are responsive to data from their Ethereum client. PegaSys will provide 24/7 production support and customized training for clients using PegaSys Plus.

Features in include:
● RocksDB Encryption: Improved security configurations encrypt data when it is at rest, where it is
most vulnerable, making information surveillance-proof.
● Advanced Monitoring: Monitor the health of validator nodes to ensure consistent uptime.
● Event Streaming with Kafka or Kinesis: Event subscriptions can be made reliably on a granular
level and can be scaled in addition to customizable trigger alerts and functions based on events
relevant to your needs.
● Group Privacy Modifications: Increased flexibility on group membership and accessibility.
● Contract Permissioning: More granular control on types of transactions permitted per account.

PegaSys Plus will be available on October 22nd.


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