Bitwage partners with ConsultaBit to launch new Bitcoin dollar cost averaging calculator!

  • Blockchain
  • 16.01.2020 11:04 am

At Bitwage, we believe in the importance of educating new cryptocurrency users. In the past, we have written educational articles such as how to file taxes (, how to earn bitcoin (, and why you need a hardware wallet (

One of the biggest advantages of using Bitcoin to receive any portion of your wage in Bitcoin are the many benefits received when dollar cost averaging. We wanted an easy way to show these benefits, but realized several months back that it was hard to find a calculator that does this. Because we believed that this is a very important tool for people, we set out to build one ourselves.

That is why today, we are happy to announce the launch of Working together with ConsultaBit (, a blockchain consulting and software development company, we have launched a fast, reliable and transparent Bitcoin dollar cost averaging calculator.  

Here is how it works:

  1. Pick a time frame
  2. Pick investment amount per interval
  3. Pick frequency of intervals


Afterwards, you will see your ROI, how much BTC was acquired, your USD today and your USD invested.

Once you finish, tweet out your results, tell your friends, and show the world why they should be Bitcoin dollar cost averaging!


Jonathan Chester, CEO of BItwage: Education is the first step towards mainstream adoption.  Everyone knows about the meteoric rise of Bitcoin in 2017, but do not necessarily see the full picture of Bitcoin’s growth over the last 11 years. Our goal with the bitcoin dollar cost average calculator is to help give people the bigger picture of bitcoin while also educating people about the existence of dollar cost averaging as a way to join the movement.


Grant Kurz, CEO of ConsultaBit: Cryptocurrency and blockchain will be a defining force in shaping the 4th industrial revolution. Through partnership with Bitwage in creating the Bitcoin dollar cost averaging calculator, people can now verifiably see how buying Bitcoin does not need to be scary.



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