Asian Capital Participated in World Blockchain Conference and World Blockchain Summit held in Singapore

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  • 03.08.2018 12:11 pm

In conjunction with the soaring anticipation from blockchain enthusiasts and professionals around the world, Asian Capital has participated in the World Blockchain Conference and World Blockchain Summit which were held in Singapore in July 2018.

The events were graced by many blockchain industry leaders and professionals including, Cai Weige, general manager of Tencent Blockchain; Li Feng, head of Baidu Financial Blockchain; Nizam Ismail, former deputy director of the market behaviour policy division of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and James Smith, CEO of ACMS.


In dispersion through the two summits, Mr James Smith, CEO of ACMS gave an awe-inspiring speech, defining the future trend of global blockchain technology integrating with the economy, broached the subject on international OTC market and shared the importance of market marker in the world of cryptocurrency. 

Mr James mentioned that, "We believe that the most effective way to bring wealth to more people, is to cater a globally trusted over-the-counter platform through providing high-quality services, with international regulations and recognised remittance services." 

It is precisely because of the development trend that Mr James and his global partners collaborated and established the world's first market maker in the field of digital assets - Asian Capital (ACMS). Being the world's first market maker of digital assets, ACMS has built a comprehensive blockchain financial coverage network to better facilitate the blockchain economy.

ACMS aims to create transparency, efficiency and possibility in the blockchain financial market. They believe in making better markets, for a greater future.


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