CoinCorner Acquires Coinfloor to Further British Bitcoin Adoption

  • Bitcoins
  • 07.10.2021 04:55 pm

Coinfloor customers will be smoothly migrated to CoinCorner’s platform

Two of the leading UK-focused Bitcoin exchanges, CoinCorner and Coinfloor, have agreed to migrate Coinfloor’s customers to the CoinCorner platform to help further British Bitcoin adoption.

Coinfloor, the UK’s oldest continuously-trading exchange, will migrate its customers over to CoinCorner, also one of the longest-running British Bitcoin exchanges, enabling customers to continue on their Bitcoin journey while also having access to a broad range of new features, with many more on the way. The teams will be working together to ensure a smooth transition for customers. CoinCorner customers will not be affected.

Founded in 2014, CoinCorner offers a variety of cryptocurrency services including buying and selling Bitcoin, a Bitcoin payment solution and the first Bitcoin cashback service available for the UK.  

CoinCorner CEO, Danny Scott, said, “We're very excited to welcome Coinfloor customers to CoinCorner - our visions for Bitcoin have always been strongly aligned, so it makes sense we continue supporting Coinfloor customers on their Bitcoin journey. 

Customers will now have access to our wide range of offerings, including Lightning payments, Bitcoin cashback, and many more features coming soon, such as debit cards and Bitcoin backed loans.”

Founded in 2013, Coinfloor is the UK’s longest-running crypto exchange whose mission has always been to make buying Bitcoin easy.

Coinfloor CEO, Obi Nwosu, said, “CoinCorner and Coinfloor have always stood for the same principles: the growth and support of the Bitcoin technology philosophy and community; focus on helping customers as our highest priority; and providing safe and simple ways to buy Bitcoin. Above all, we are both focused on making Bitcoin simple, secure and reliable for our users. 

“Coinfloor is proud of setting new standards in the industry, including our commitment to education for our customers and making the entire process safe yet intuitive. Now it’s time to take these principles further with CoinCorner.”

Nwosu will take on an advisory role at CoinCorner during the transition period.

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