Bitcoin Monopoly: How to Put Bitcoin’s Insane Value in to Context

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  • 23.03.2021 06:40 pm

Team at table top retailer Rogue Games play with Bitcoin values to show how insane the value of cryptocurrency is

For most of us, Monopoly is our first introduction to the wonderful world of finances and capitalism. It’s where we learn that money does make the world (or top hats and thimbles at least) go around, and that, sometimes, it's actually kind of fun to bankrupt your friends and family.  

But what Monopoly really does is put the financial world into context in a way we understand. We learn the true value of savings, investment, how the crippling reach of rent and how unforeseen circumstances can either help you succeed or end with jail time.

While Monopoly comes with a game book that explains how things work -  cryptocurrency doesn’t. For many, top valued currencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Etherium are complex and nebulous -  what are they? How do you get them? HOW do you spend them, And what are they worth?

So, to put cryptocurrency values into context, the team over at Rogue Games decided to smash Monopoly and Bitcoin together. 

They took the standard values for properties found in the game, transplanted them for Bitcoin values and then converted them BACK into real currency, just to see how much they’d be worth.   

For example: 

£60 = B60 = £2.4 Million  

So what does that look like?

Well, by today's valuations...

  • Bitcoin Monopoly’s total bank is worth £830 Million
  • Players now start with £60.6 Million
  • Mayfair, the most expensive property on the board costs £16 Million to buy, with a £81 Million price tag to build a hotel.   

Interestingly, the converted numbers are completely playable, offering a level of variation that matches with the original game. But instead of hundred or even thousands, now you’re playing with millions. 

Want to see the complete list? Follow this link for the complete Bitcoin Monopoly Breakdown.

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