Information Builders’ iWay is Certified on Cloudera Enterprise 5.7

Information Builders’ iWay is Certified on Cloudera Enterprise 5.7
24.05.2016 12:15 pm

Information Builders’ iWay is Certified on Cloudera Enterprise 5.7

Big Data

 Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence (BI) and analytics, information integrity, and integration solutions, today announced that its iWay Big Data Integrator (BDI) 1.2 is now certified on Cloudera Enterprise 5.7.

  • Information Builders’ iWay Big Data Integrator simplifies the creation and maintenance of data lakes. Its easy-to-use interface helps users quickly marshal native Hadoop resources to ingest and integrate a broad assortment of enterprise data. The combination of Cloudera Enterprise and iWay BDI provides an excellent architecture for sophisticated, high-value Hadoop integration
  • The Cloudera Certified Technology program makes choosing the right technology easier. Certified products have been tested and validated to work with Cloudera Enterprise, Cloudera’s 100 percent open-source and enterprise-ready Apache Hadoop platform
  • Information Builders’ iWay Big Data Integrator accesses data at any source, positions it into an optional data lake, cleanses it, and masters it – all inside the cluster. This approach leverages Hadoop’s power and speed, with Cloudera providing the complete architecture to speed time to value for Hadoop implementations 
  • Clusters that use Cloudera Enterprise in conjunction with Cloudera Certified Technologies operate at lower risk and at lower total cost of ownership

Key Benefits 

  • iWay customers can get more data into the Cloudera platform and use Information Builders’ tools to seamlessly glean value from those data sets
  • Additionally, Information Builders’ WebFOCUS customers can effortlessly connect to Cloudera through the Impala SQL interface and create rich reports directly on the data, versus moving it to another data warehouse
  • Information Builders’ iWay Big Data Integrator makes Cloudera solutions easy to deploy, fast and secure at the platform level

Tim Stevens, vice president of Business Development at Cloudera, said:
“Cloudera is dedicated to helping our clients make their Hadoop deployments as seamless and benefits-driven as possible, and our roster of industry-leading partners like Information Builders plays a big part in achieving this goal. The iWay Big Data Integrator is designed to natively exploit Cloudera Enterprise’s functionality and scalability for a broad range of data integration and data quality use cases users, and we see a lot of benefit bringing this market-leading solution into our certified technology fold.”
Gregory Dorman, general manager of iWay Software, Information Builders, said:
“The effective management of big data sets is a growing challenge across industries. Information Builders’ and Cloudera’s combined technologies help organizations ease the burden of big data management and enable customers to derive greater value from their Hadoop implementations.”

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