UBS and Zurich launch bancassurance products for young entrepreneurs

  • Banking
  • 05.02.2020 01:02 pm

Getting a company off the ground has never been easier. Using the existing “UBS Start Business” platform, UBS and Zurich are launching a comprehensive offering that goes beyond traditional banking and insurance. In addition to the extensive banking package which includes a free capital payment and business account, co-working opportunities, and mentoring programs, we are now offering the kinds of insurance policies that are either mandatory for companies or cover important risks that many start-ups can’t take on themselves.

This innovative offer helps entrepreneurs get excellent banking and insurance solutions efficiently and without the complications. Instead of spending a lot of time on appointments, the online platform streamlines the process and recommends transactions crucial to success of start-ups in the founding stages. Compulsory insurance such as occupational retirement planning and accident insurance are explained in simple terms, and company founders receive an offer with just a few clicks. The tool also intuitively guides through key voluntary coverages such as daily sickness benefits insurance. You can sign up immediately or delve into these offers later on.

Axel Lehmann, President UBS Switzerland, comments: “With the combined offer from Zurich and UBS, we’re pleased to support young entrepreneurs during the crucial stages of start-ups. For the first time, start-ups now have a one-stop shop for quick, easy and coordinated access to key banking and insurance products”.

Juan Beer, CEO of Zurich Switzerland, says: “We’re proud to be working closely with UBS in launching an innovative new product for SMEs. This draws on our experience as a world leader in bancassurance with over 70 partner banks in 17 countries”.

One factor driving considerable, sustainable success in a number of countries around the globe is the cooperation between banks and insurance companies. In Switzerland, the potential is just as great.

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