TrueLayer and sync. Collaborate on Smart Banking and Launch Beta for Spanish Banks

  • Banking
  • 20.08.2020 03:34 pm

TrueLayer, the leading technology company building financial infrastructure that’s open to any business, anywhere in the world, today announced its partnership and expansion with digital smart open banking app sync

They also announced that sync. will expand it’s list of supported banks to include those in Spain.

sync. offers their easy-to-use financial services across Europe, promising to manage every aspect of a user’s financial life in one place. Their ultimate goal is to help customers budget, manage and track their money from one dashboard, offering a unique user experience as a money management platform with tailored insights. 

Through its partnership with TrueLayer, the sync. app provides users with a single view across all of their bank accounts, allowing customers to consolidate and synchronise all of their finances. 

The sync. app already supports banks and Fintechs in the UK, and addition of Spanish banks marks their first Open Banking expansion into mainland Europe. 

sync. has already proved popular in Spain, and the option to add banks such as BBVA, Banco Santander, and CaixaBank will encourage more Spanish customers to use the app. 

TrueLayer is also supporting sync. with account-to-account payments, enabling users to send money to anyone, anywhere, without having to enter card details or share their bank credentials. sync. allows users to send money to other sync. users for free. 

With TrueLayer ensuring account information is updated quickly and securely, sync. users benefit from the app’s personalised insights into spending across accounts, credit cards and loans. It aids improved financial control and offers tailored recommendations to help users make more informed decisions. 

The sync. app moved to beta in August after the firm successfully completed its initial funding round, raising a total of £5.5m. 

Francesco Simoneschi, CEO and co-Founder of TrueLayer, commented: “sync. is a great example of a company who is leveraging the power of open banking to make money work better for consumers, helping them to get a better handle on their finances. We’re looking forward to working with sync., helping it to provide its users with greater financial insight through a transparent, secure, and seamless experience.” 

Ricky Lee, CEO of sync., said: “Syncing all your finances to manage your money in one app is at the heart of what we do, and TrueLayer enables us to give that vital information to our users. We are looking to expand our Open Banking offering massively in the upcoming weeks and months with more banks, credit card companies and countries. I was born in Spain myself and we have an office in Malaga, so I’m proud to say that our first Open Banking expansion will be across Spain.”

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