Tinkoff super-app boosts digital leadership in European fintech space

  • Banking
  • 10.12.2019 06:45 am

Tinkoff announced today the launch of Russia’s first super-app – and the first by any European financial services company – a versatile application designed to meet almost any financial, leisure or lifestyle need its users may have.

The Tinkoff super-app combines all the components of the Tinkoff ecosystem and adds more capacity for its 10 million customers, whose ranks are set to grow to over 20 million people by 2023. The super-app is the next step in the evolution of the Tinkoff mobile app, which already encompasses Tinkoff’s traditional digital banking and lifestyle services.

Artem Yamanov, Senior Vice President at Tinkoff, commented:

“The Tinkoff app has evolved into more than a traditional mobile bank, and the latest changes are the culmination of this transformation. The super-app is both our own version of the App Store, with its own mini apps, and the first WeChat-like app in the Russian or any European financial market, featuring products and services from our partners.

“Unlike other Russian ecosystems, we decided to blaze a trail of our own. Instead of scooping up businesses, we opted for a win-win solution, attracting the market's best partners who share Tinkoff's qualities and values. All our customers can access all new super-app services using their single Tinkoff ID. Going forward, we will be developing partnerships with businesses of any size, from Instagram bloggers to Russia's largest B2C companies.”

The super-app is already available in beta for some users, and will be released shortly in version 5.0 for iOS. An Android version will follow.

Features already available on the Tinkoff super-app include:

  • Tinkoff digital banking, including all its financial products;
  • Tinkoff lifestyle services (movies, concerts, theatres, restaurants, travel, shopping, sporting events, etc.);
  • Seamless integration with all Tinkoff ecosystem components and services, including Investments, Mobile, Business and Insurance (some will continue as separate apps), which can be accessed using an existing single Tinkoff ID;
  • A marketplace for products and services provided by Tinkoff partners to cater to users’ needs
  • Maximum personalisation of recommendations and services and anticipation of a customer's financial needs;
  • End-to-end integration with the Oleg voice assistant;
  • Super-app development based on AI and machine learning as part of Tinkoff’s AI Finance strategy.

The Tinkoff super-app’s key features is its own marketplace. External partners can connect to the marketplace (via open API) using the “app-in-app” model and offer targeted products and services within the Tinkoff app.

Other features coming soon include:

  • All kinds of online retail experiences with the ability to order directly from the app (food, books, clothing and footwear, home appliances, etc.);
  • Leisure and things to do in the city (urban quests, excursions, lectures, exhibitions, parties, master classes, etc.);
  • Fitness and wellness;
  • Food and flower delivery;
  • Car products and services;
  • Products and services for children;
  • Transport, logistics, and car sharing;
  • Health and beauty;
  • Cleaning services;
  • And many more.

Tinkoff already has in place agreements with major players in each industry to offer its customers access to a myriad of services at a discount and with cashback deals.

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