Tinkoff Mobile Launches New Version Of Its Voice Assistant

  • Banking
  • 28.12.2020 12:46 pm

Tinkoff Mobile has launched a new 2.0 version of its trailblazing voice assistant Oleg, which enables customers to create their own mobile concierge with custom features.

With the new version of the voice assistant, users can choose the assistant’s name, voice and gender, set up instructions to handle different calls from people on their contact list, as well as calls from unknown numbers, create their own greetings, and so on.

New voice and name

Each user can create their unique Oleg, as the new functionality allows for choosing the assistant’s name and voice. The familiar name Oleg can be changed to Olya or any other name or alias with a male or female voice.


Users can choose how Oleg will introduce them when answering calls by setting up their name, personal description, alias, job title etc. They can also instruct the assistant on how to handle calls from different contacts. For example, Oleg can tell a caller that he will pass on a message to the Tinkoff Mobile customer if someone from outside this customer’s contact list is calling. But when answering a call from a known number, he can also refer to the customer by nickname, such as Kostya, Crutch or Super Boss, or any other nickname the customer prefers to be addressed by for a specific person from the contact list.

Phrases and greetings

Users can customise greetings and conversational phrases for the mobile concierge when communicating with people (up to 400 characters). Users can either welcome their callers with default greetings or set up their own conversation scripts to be used by the voice assistant.

Different greetings can be set up separately for numbers on the contact list and for unknown numbers.

Oleg will be able to greet those on the contact list by name. The assistant also knows how to identify specific contacts, even if their name is not recorded in the contact list fields as a first and a last name.

For instance, when Sveta Eyebrows calls, Oleg will say: “Hi, Sveta, Sasha cannot answer. I am Oleg, the assistant. Do you want to leave a message?”

In case of a contact with no specific name such as, for example, Flower Delivery, Oleg will use a default greeting without calling the contact by name.

Oleg response scripts

Oleg 2.0 can also be instructed to answer calls in several situations:

  • automatically answer all incoming calls for the customer;
  • answer when the phone is out of service;
  • answer when the customer rejects a call;
  • answer when the customer fails to pick up the phone after 10 or more seconds.

Your Tinkoff Mobile app will keep audio recordings and transcripts for each call.

The personal mobile concierge will soon be able to block unsolicited calls or automatically answer them for the customer. Oleg is also integrated with Who’s Calling, Tinkoff Mobile’s caller ID service. The assistant can send a text message to customers to inform them of any calls from unknown phone numbers and warn them if they received a call from spammers or fraudsters.

The updated version of the Oleg voice assistant is already available to Tinkoff Mobile customers in the new versions of its app for iOS and Android. Users will have seven days to try out Oleg’s new features for free, after which they will be charged a monthly fee of RUB 59. 

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