TietoEVRY integration progressing as planned – employee consultations initiated to drive merger-related efficiencies

  • Banking , M&A Deals
  • 16.04.2020 07:38 am

TietoEVRY is taking the next step in the integration to ensure its position as the leading digital services and software company in the Nordics. A unified organization has now been established and the next step involves the drive for merger-related efficiencies. Consultation processes to ensure optimized operations and reduce overlaps have been initiated.

With a unified organization established, the company is taking the next step to drive merger-related efficiencies and a competitive cost structure. Planning and implementation of these efficiencies will proceed throughout the integration.  

With the aim of optimizing functions and roles, the company has now initiated consultation processes with labour unions. It is estimated that the measures will affect globally up to 570 roles in total, including up to 260 in Sweden, 160 in Norway, 80 in Finland and 70 in other countries. The consultation processes will be conducted according to the legislation and practices in each country and are expected to be concluded by the end of the second quarter 2020.

“As an integrated TietoEVRY, we have established our unified organization and leadership and we are now taking the next step to ensure our competitiveness in the market. The actions announced today are related to the structural changes resulting from the merger. While these decisions are difficult due to their impact on personnel, they are necessary given the highly competitive nature of our global industry. We will do our best to support our employees and maintain our business health during this period of change and the coronavirus pandemic,” says Kimmo Alkio, President and CEO. 

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