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  • 09.08.2021 03:10 pm

Scotch Whisky Cask Auctions achieve record prices!

There are many fortunate souls among us who have purchased or inherited casks of whisky, had them stored in dusty warehouses for years, and then find ourselves with the quandary of what to do with them. Often, we haven’t paid huge amounts for the cask in the first place, buying them before the whisky boom of the last decade, but are aware that whisky has in many circumstances become more valuable than gold.

We’ve all read the many articles waxing lyrical about the value of whisky and its investment potential but even when we find ourselves in possession of a cask full of the amber nectar, we often find ourselves unable to reap the rewards we know should be accessible.

Until recently, we often found ourselves having to sell back to the distilleries or to brokers for substantially sub-market values as the cost of bottling was simply out of our reach.

Thankfully, that has all changed. Over the last three years, Mulberry Bank Auctions have made it their mission to give cask owners another option, one that will allow them to tap into the very lucrative cask market and sell their casks for their true values. By offering these first of their kind regular whisky cask auctions, charging 0% commission to the seller, they have achieved record prices for many casks of whisky:

Bowmore 1995 - £80,000

Springbank 1993 - £86,000

Ben Nevis 1996 - £63,000

Highland Park 1988 - £62,000

With these sorts of prices, they hope that cask owners will no longer feel that their options are limited and that they can finally reap the true rewards from selling their casks.

Notes to Editors

The next Whisky cask auction at Mulberry Bank Auctions will take place in October and they are currently offering free valuations of any casks people may be looking to sell.

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