Profile Software partners with BBA (UK)

  • Banking
  • 29.06.2017 01:30 pm

Profile Software, the leading financial solutions provider, today announced its recent partnership with the British Bankers’ Association (BBA), aiming at further establishing its presence in the local banking financial sector.

Following another membership enrollment at a large association for the investment industry in the country, the partnership with BBA will allow Profile to better serve the financial services industry with innovative and market leading platforms. In particular, for the UK banking industry, Profile Software has a ready to use banking system that allows start-up, challenger, digital and large banks to deploy the functionality needed, while experiencing unique flexibility.

By becoming an associate member, BBA provides access to a network of 200+ member banks operating across the country and in various product lines. In addition, BBA is a starting point for any new banking organisation that wants to develop its digital and networking presence in the country. This is also in line with Profile’s strategic approach to the industry, as its fintech solutions provide a flexible and tailored service, thus giving the peace of mind to the banks to develop their operations, while deploying cutting edge technology solutions that can be scaled to the business needs.

Jason Cole, Commercial Director at the BBA, said: “We are very pleased to welcome Profile Software as an associate member. We are in discussions with the firm for many years and we follow their progress, as they deliver specialised banking and investment management software to the banking sector with great success”.

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