Profile Software launches its new website and logo!

  • Banking
  • 04.08.2015 01:00 am

Profile Software, an international banking and investment management solutions provider, announced today the launch of its new website and new brand logo to reflect the innovative approach inherent in its product line and celebrate its 25 years of successful operations.

Profile Software’s new brand logo reflects the interaction of all the elements in the company in order to provide an integrated solution to its clientele. The 'motion' of the logo represents the flexibility and adaptability of the company’s solutions, as well as the global interaction between the company and its clientele.

The company’s new website offers a modern navigation environment with responsive design. The focus is on the presentation of key solutions’ range with easy links on the same page to help visitors effectively find the information needed. The completion of a quarter of a century in the software industry developing solutions for the financial institutions, along with the changes happening in this ever evolving sector, are incorporated in the company’s new branding and mark a new era focused on delivering innovative, differentiated and customer-centric solutions that can effectively cover the needs of the financial services organisations, end-to-end. In addition, taking advantage of the unique modularity of the systems, each solution can be implemented as stand-alone while seamlessly integrating to the business’s ecosystem or as a complete platform.

Both these brand changes (logo and website) are a big step forward for the company to match its “appearance” to the era’s modern and flexible platforms utilising cutting edge technologies such as mobile and cloud, all bundled in a secure environment offering a unique user experience (both to the organisation and its clients)

The new logo is presented in the modern looking website which is live at The website is designed to offer an optimum view via modern devices e.g. smartphone, tablets and web browsers.

“The objective of this branding exercise was not only to celebrate the 25 years mark of servicing the financial industry, but most importantly to denote a truly international approach to our presence and effectively meet our existing and potential customers’ needs. Both the logo and website show the “fresh” and flexible approach of the business to understand market trends and deliver reliable solutions as needed” states Mr. Babis Stasinopoulos, CEO at Profile Software.

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