Ninth Wave Announces New Collaboration with HOA-Software Provider Vantaca

  • Banking
  • 10.12.2020 08:26 am

Ninth Wave, the leading enabler of secure data connectivity between financial institutions and third-party FinTech applications, announces a collaboration with Vantaca, a FinTech software provider helping community association management companies and financial institutions across the country engage and empower the communities they serve.

In an on-going effort to provide Financial Institutions (FIs) with the most comprehensive suite of seamless third-party integrations that their customers demand, the collaboration between Ninth Wave and Vantaca will allow FI customers to natively connect with the Vantaca platform. Vantaca joins Ninth Wave’s growing list of connected applications, where FIs can now offer Vantaca’s software platform to their Property Management / Homeowner Association (HOA) clients.

Vantaca’s community management software solution delivers real ROI for association management companies through accelerated business growth and end-to-end transparency at every touchpoint. They have onboarded more than 100 leading management companies and over 1.5 million homes nationwide are served through their software. Vantaca’s software solution provides their customers with mobility, up-to-the-minute data, reporting, analytics, and an embedded banking solution all in one platform, providing association management companies the ease and convenience of seamlessly accessing and transacting on their data.

As FIs seek to enhance the value of their HOA offerings, connectivity via The Ninth Wave Platform will allow Vantaca users to complete payments, fund transfers, and submit account balance inquiries without leaving Vantaca’s platform. The Ninth Wave Platform is a single, comprehensive open banking solution that enables financial institutions to securely and efficiently share permissioned data with a wide array of third-party applications including FinTechs, personal financial management, financial planning and wellness tools, accounting and ERP solutions, data aggregators, and other consumer and business solutions.

Ben Currin, Vantaca’s CEO, states: “Ninth Wave shares our vision for a fully connected banking experience. This collaboration allows us to accelerate this journey for financial institutions and our shared customers nationwide.”

According to George Anderson, Ninth Wave’s CEO“Vantaca is very forward thinking and as a result, they offer the industry’s leading community management system. The addition of Vantaca to the Ninth Wave managed application catalogue (we call it the Fintech Registry™) demonstrates continued progress towards our goal of delivering value to FI’s and helping their customers grow their business.”

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