Nationwide Delivers Award-Winning Customer Service with Low-Code Technology

  • Banking
  • 19.11.2020 07:09 pm

Established in 1846 and renamed in 1970, Nationwide Building Society is now the world’s largest mutual financial institution, with a heritage, culture and ethos that remain unique and built on the solid foundation of mutuality. Despite undergoing significant transformation over the years, Nationwide’s focus has remained constant: providing high-quality customer service and staying committed to its members.

However, the firm faced a common problem in today’s growing digital-first era: how to engage members during maintenance to its online services and proactively provide regular updates to those affected. In essence, it needed to communicate with its customers in the event of unplanned or planned interruptions in service, to provide a positive overall customer experience.

Dialling up customer communications 

As a solution, Nationwide chose Netcall’s ‘Liberty Create’. This enabled developers to design, build and deploy the digital banking resilience app ‘Notify Me’ – to allow customers to subscribe and receive status updates on planned and unplanned interruptions in their services. 

With Notify Me, members receive notifications when a service is available again, such as when maintenance ends. By providing the option to subscribe to such alerts, members do not have to keep checking to see if the service is available, and instead can receive timely updates straight to their phone. Subscribers are also able to receive progress updates on planned maintenance. With the introduction of this service, Nationwide has been able to reduce unnecessary calls into their contact centre.

All of this has been done taking full advantage of low-code and its ability to create apps ten times faster than having to start to code a solution from scratch. Support staff also have more time to deal with more complex member queries, enabling Nationwide to continue as a leading British financial services provider. Create has also simplified tasks for the Enterprise Command Centre IT team. 

Since implementing Netcall’s low-code technology, Nationwide has deployed many highly successful systems, including mortgages, ISAs, bereavements and specialist support designed to help members during difficult times. By doing so, it has achieved significant efficiency gains and cost savings across a range of operations. Crucially, the building society has achieved excellent customer satisfaction ratings across these services and successfully responded to the needs of today’s members.

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