Lloyds Banking Group Launches Electronic Identification For Account Opening

  • Banking
  • 11.02.2015 12:00 am

From this month, Lloyds Banking Group is introducing a new service to allow customers to provide their identification documents and likeness to those documents remotely using a camera enabled computer, mobile or tablet. The Group will be the first major UK bank to roll out the new service meaning that on the occasions when identification documents are required as part on an online application, customers can provide these without needing to visit a branch.

The service utilises technology found in social media but is new to the banking industry. Customers will get real time feedback as to the readability and suitability of their documentation.

The new electronic identification and verification checks will start to be rolled out to customers from next week, beginning with those looking to add an additional party to an existing account. Once it has been opened up for all current account applications, the system will also be made available to all savings and credit card customers of Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland by this summer.

Group Director, Digital, Miguel-Ángel Rodríguez-Sola said: “The industry wide Current Account Switch Service has already demonstrated a positive effect on switching in UK banking, and we believe this use of digital electronic identification technology can have an additional beneficial impact. Hundreds of thousands of customers will receive a smoother, speedier and more convenient experience in opening their accounts with us using the new service.” 

Across its brands, Lloyds Banking Group has taken on the challenge of driving more competition, revitalising Lloyds Bank and launching the innovative Club Lloyds current account, which pays up to 4% credit interest, alongside the new Everyday Offers and It’s on Us programmes.  The Halifax switching figures also continue to demonstrate how rewarding their accounts are for customers, with the bank remaining a top choice for switchers in 2014.

Operating the largest branch network across the UK enables those customers wanting to open accounts with the Group to do so in most high streets across the country. 

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