Kazkommertsbank rebrands as QAZKOM

  • Banking
  • 24.10.2016 06:45 pm

On its 25th anniversary day Kazkommertsbank launched new retail brand QAZKOM. The launch was preceded by an intriguing advertising campaign called "Parasatty ult - Smart Nation". In addition the Bank introduced the new generation branch office to become the standard of customer service quality and friendliness of the QAZKOM brand.

On October 21 in its new branch office in Almaty Kazkommertsbank launched new retail brand called QAZKOM. Presentation was held by KKB top management: Mr. Kenges Rakishev, Chairman of the Board of Directors and major shareholder, Mr. Abay Iskandirov, the first deputy CEO and Mr. Nurlan Zhagiparov, Managing Director.

Former ways of writing the Bank’s brand in three languages: Қazком in Kazakh, Казком in Russian, and Kazkom in English – will be replaced by a single Kazakh language latin-character embodiment - QAZKOM. Latin alphabet is the most optimal tool to display all phonetic series of the Kazakh language, including specific sounds. The Bank retained continuity in new logo – the familiar yellow circle in the blue square symbolizing the sun, transformed into the letter Q, which is the first letter of new QAZKOM brand.

"The essence of the changes is not in changed logo and new writing of the brand name, but rather in qualitative changes happening in the Bank as part of a new development strategy. We are targeting large-scale reform of the customer service to focus on client needs. Letter Q in new logo symbolizes our willingness to step up to new level in innovations to provide our customers with greater mobility, speed and ease of banking services." commented Mr. Kenges Rakishev.

Advertising campaign called "Parasatty ult - Smart Nation" started all over Kazakhstan in the beginning of October 2016. Its heroes included modern and historical personalities who made significant contributions to the development of science, social thought and culture in Kazakhstan. Detailed histories of the heroes have been posted at the special website: www.qday.kz.

“We decided to present re-branding of the Bank through the history of smart nation, represented by its brightest personalities, innovators and pioneers from different eras. We also realized that QAZKOM – as we know it – could not be as such without intellectual contributions of its employees and demanding clients, without support of the Kazakh nation, which unifies more than a hundred ethnic groups living in our country" said Mr. Abai Iskandirov.

The slogan "Smart Nation – Smart bank" stimulates constant development in the Bank to address demanding needs of its smart customers by investing into the development of intelligent products and technologies.

The campaign was developed by: Crea Y&R, Movators and Roi Group studios; illustrators Murat Dilmanov and Eva Mayzik; composer Kuat Shildebayev who created sound track to promotional video. The Bank expresses its sincere gratitude to the Central State Archive of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the photographs provided.

Presentation of the new brand was accompanied by introduction of the new branch format of the Bank, a key feature of which is the expanded self-service zone. Such format will be one of the technological and service standards of new QAZKOM brand.

The branch office is decorated in accordance with the new corporate style, and ergonomics and design of the self-service zone creates comfortable and favorable atmosphere for the customers. In addition to the traditional banking kiosks and ATMs, the branch has video banking cabins and automatic cashier desk, which are being actively introduced in the Bank. Customers, who are used to the traditional service, can be served by the Bank’s managers on the next floor.

The new QAZKOM branch office is located in Almaty at 175 Auezov Ave. (at the corner with the Gabdullin str.), occupying two floors with total area of 537 sq. m. New format branch offices will be introduced in the Bank's regional offices in Kazakhstan, and in future will completely replace the traditional ones.

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