Innzpira: Revolutionising Risk Assessment in Banking with Predictive Psychology© and Machine Learning

  • Banking
  • 21.06.2024 10:40 am

Innzpira, a pioneering company in Predictive Psychology© and machine learning, announces a solution designed to revolutionise how banks and financial institutions assess client risk aversion.  This innovative approach enables financial entities to offer tailored products that align perfectly with the comfort levels and preferences of their clients, enhancing customer satisfaction and financial outcomes. Innzpira showcased this cutting-edge technology at London Tech Week 2024.

In recognition of Innzpira's innovative approach, ProChile Global X, a soft-landing programme for Chilean companies willing to expand towards the UK and Europe, has extended its support. This programme aims to facilitate Innzpira’s growth and presence in the European market, underscoring the importance of such advancements in financial technology.

Innzpira’s profiling technology leverages Predictive Psychology© combined with advanced machine learning algorithms to accurately gauge the risk tolerance of individual clients. This unique system allows financial institutions to not only understand the psychological profiles of their clients but also to predict their reactions to various financial products and services.

"Innzpira’s mission has always been to bridge the gap between financial institutions and their clients through innovative profiling technologies. By understanding the psychological underpinnings of risk tolerance, we empower banks to offer products that truly resonate with their clients, fostering a deeper sense of trust and satisfaction," said Isaias Sharon, CEO of Innzpira. "Our participation in London Tech Week was an exciting opportunity to showcase our solutions on an international stage and highlight the impact of our technology in the financial sector."

One of Innzpira’s Chilean finance clients Banco BCI faced the challenge of improving the accuracy in assessing the risk profiles of its clients to offer more personalised financial products and reduce the rejection rate in credit approvals. The bank sought a solution that would allow for a deeper understanding of clients' risk tolerance and individual preferences. Innzpira implemented its profiling technology based on Predictive Psychology© and advanced machine learning algorithms at Banco BCI. Through seamless API integration, Innzpira's solution enabled the bank to obtain detailed insights into the psychological profiles of its clients, predicting their reactions to various financial products. As a result, Banco BCI saw a 30% increase in credit approvals, a 25% rise in customer satisfaction, and a 20% reduction in implementation time, significantly optimizing their operations and enhancing client relations.

Empowering Banks to Personalize Financial Products

By integrating Innzpira's profiling solutions through seamless API connections, banks and financial institutions can now reduce implementation costs and time while gaining unprecedented insights into their clients' risk profiles. This innovative approach facilitates the development of personalised financial products that are precisely aligned with each client’s risk appetite, fostering a sense of security and trust.

Enhanced Customer Experience and Compliance

The financial industry is continually seeking ways to enhance customer experience and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Innzpira's solutions are designed to meet these needs by providing comprehensive profiling that supports compliance, improves customer experience, and optimises product development and commercial strategies.

"ProChile is proud to support Innzpira through our Global X Program, recognising their potential to transform the financial sector with their innovative profiling solutions. Their participation in London Tech Week is a testament to their commitment to growth, especially to the UK market.” Says ProChile.

With over 12 years of experience and having profiled more than 2 million customers annually across 14 countries, Innzpira has established itself as a trusted partner for over 400 institutions. The company’s expertise in Predictive Psychology© and Machine Learning has consistently delivered outstanding results in various sectors, including marketing, compliance, sales, and customer experience.


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