ING Bank Invests in Unique Global Programme to Support and Develop staff

  • Banking , Infrastructure
  • 04.04.2017 08:30 am

​ING is launching the latest phase of its next generation professional development programme, the Wellbeing Quotient (WQ), which aims to support its Financial Markets staff in a changing business environment.

The WQ approach builds on the success of the Emotional Quotient (EQ) programme, which over the last three years brought social aspects of emotional intelligence into leadership, communication, performance and consequence management to enhance the performance of both the business and its staff. WQ is being pioneered with 350 staff in Financial Markets Sales across 30 countries.

The WQ programme provides education, monitoring and coaching over a six-month period. The programme has been designed to help staff actively manage their wellbeing, and drive measurable changes in how they eat, move, sleep and relax. Each team member wears a watch that provides key feedback on these metrics and helps them understand their progress and make sustainable changes. The WQ takes a holistic approach, looking at the individual’s lifestyle, and is tailored to his/her own requirements.

The programme is fully integrated into the Financial Markets strategy and culture, and backed by its leaders, who have prioritised investing in the wellbeing of their employees.  The wellbeing culture will include the immediate community, extending the invitation to join to family, friends, colleagues and clients. 

ING has partnered with technology provider TomTom Sports and health experts from Lifeguard, market leaders in executive wellbeing, who provide top-level personal support from a team of diverse experts, including Olympic athletes. 

95% of global FM Sales staff have already signed up to the programme. The WQ journey consists of four key components:

·        A device measuring steps, heartbeat, calories burnt, activity and % body fat

·        Captive WQ app – transforming device input into a personalised Wellbeing Quotient. Regional/product WQ available too (N > 15)*

·        Content delivery for 4x6 weeks blocks around Eat, Sleep, Move and Relax, influencing device metrics

·        Access to Expert group (Former Olympic athletes, professors, coaches)

All information is personal and will not be shared (unless by invitation) or stored, and participation is optional.

Mark Pieter de Boer, ING’ Global Head of Financial Market Sales and leading the role out of the programme: “We’ve seen a lot of enthusiastic uptake of corporate health programmes, however, corporations have generally outsourced them while  focusing on metrics like sick days taken or health insurance costs. The focus of ING FM’s programme is the growth of personal and professional wellbeing. As our wellbeing is influenced by our environment too, we have opened up the journey for friends, family, colleagues and interested clients, giving it a wonderful purpose. “

Tanu Tandan, Head of business development and corporate wellness at TomTom added: “Participants in the WQ programme will be able to use the TomTom wellness solution to help them to stay engaged and motivated. The device will also enable them to monitor their personal progress towards becoming a corporate athlete. Once the programme is over, participants will be able to continue to take advantage of our app and technology to continue their energy management moving forward.”

Folef Bredt, Founder of Lifeguard, commented: “We believe that energetic people perform better and live better, more complete lives. Vitality is about possessing the energy to be successful and bring out the best in yourself. For any organisation, vitality is a powerful instrument to achieve measurable and manageable goals. In a vital organization employees are energetic, engaged, resilient and able to perform at their best. The teams have shared goals and mutual trust and the leadership encourages people to actively manage their vitality and enables them to do so.”

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